Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Thinking of Doing An MBA, Think Again - Innovative App Sets To Disrupt Post Graduate Education

While a university qualification used to be the standard entry requirement for many office jobs across the world, that's increasingly becoming no longer the case.

Major firms to the likes of Apple and Google, are now ditching the requirement of a four-year degree according to data from US job site Glassdoor. Adding to this new universal approach of moving away from post graduate education, best-selling business author and educator, Dale Beaumont has founded a new way to assist employees in upskilling their knowledge with his revolutionary new app, Bizversity, placing forward the notion that you don’t need an MBA anymore in order to succeed in today’s dynamic corporate world.

The Bizversity app, is distinctive within its approach to business education through its ability to provide individuals with a new platform containing a personalised program that is giving employees around the world an edge in professional development and up-to-date business knowledge, without the need of ever having to undergo further postgraduate business studies.

The application offers users the opportunity to explore over 80 different business-related topics, including SEO analysis, financial planning and strategic marketing with all topics presented through on-demand, ‘how to’’ styled training videos. With over 250 business professionals contributing to the app, each session is guided by a leading industry expert that engages with the user, as well as an A.I. virtual assistant to aid in the learning experience.

“When it comes to career development, up until now, the options have been quite limited. Whether it’s through online search, reading textbooks or spending an upwards of $40,000 to do an MBA – 90% of which is theoretical, out of date and doesn’t necessary transfer practical skills into the real world, it all comes at a cost. That’s why we built Bizversity, a multipurpose built learning platform that offers you a world-class business education from the world’s best teachers, in a way that is; fast, personal, affordable and accessible”, states Dale.

Dale has written sixteen bestselling business publications since starting his own company at the age of 19. His extensive knowledge and mentorship have helped many small business owners turn their companies into profit powerhouses, even launching some onto a national and international level.
Bizversity is now ready for employees to experience after two years of content creation and software development. This app makes it possible to learn and work on the go, with Beaumont proposing that Bizversity is the new ‘MBA’ of the business world.

Bizversity has a 14-day free trial with videos accessible to anyone, on-demand, via their smartphone app. Monthly plans start from only US $9 per month.

“We know business people spend on average between 5-20 hours a week in a commuting to and from work. In our marketing research, we discovered that employees were often always on the lookout on developing transferable skills in the workforce, it was just timing that was playing a big factor. So, we built Bizversity to fit that gap. Bizversity allows individuals the chance to personalise a library full of learning and training videos which catered to their interests and could be viewed anytime, anywhere and on any device”.