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The Way You Should Do the Magazine Article Writing

Magazine writing is something that a lot of book writers like to do because it can be lucrative, fun and you can be paid for your travel if you have to go the place you are writing about or to visit a person.

Magazine article writing is very different from the regular story or essay writing for which you get help online, such as, essay writers uk, etc. It needs you to be unique in your style, only then you will be able to sell your articles. Therefore, it is important to know some basics that are important to keep in mind, especially if you are a beginner.

When you are writing for magazines, the old expressions that say, ‘Armatures write before they sell, and professionals sell before they write.’ It means that an amateur writes an article about something or the travel experience they had and then hope that someone will pay them for that. This is not what you should do.

Write the Query Letter

The way is to write what you call a ‘query letter.’ This is a one-page letter; typically you should not go over it.

How to Start Query Letter?

The first three paragraph you sell might essentially be first three paragraphs of the article that you are going to write. These paragraphs could be fun, dramatic, and exciting. They can take the reader to Antarctica, Big Wall of China or Disney Land, etc.

How to End the Query Letter?

This letter does not say that ‘I want to write an article.’ This is not something that you should do. You can sum up this in your fourth paragraph that what exactly you want to do. But, do not ever start your query letter with it.

Take Care of Number of Words in Your Article

Mention about the number of words that your article is going to cover. You can look it up in the appropriate reference material, such as, it is the guidelines of the magazine online that tell you exactly how many words their feature articles supposed to have.

You have to provide them with the exact number that they are looking for because in another case they will say that this person did not even look up the guidelines and might think you to be unprofessional.

Figure Out the Magazine You Want To Write For

Another thing that you can do before concluding the query letter is to figure out which magazines you want to write for. Take a look on them and compare how many articles are there in that issue of the magazine that is written by the staff, such as, editor, editor-in-chief, etc.

Sometimes magazines do not buy anything from people who are not on the staff. Sometimes, it is totally for freelance, and sometimes it is a mix. Therefore, whatever it is and whatever you want to do, be sure to try to just sell to the magazine that would buy from freelancers, such as, yourself.