Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The Most Marketable Digital Products

Digital products are becoming more popular with online marketers.

This is because they are easy to distribute and replicate. In many cases, digital products are a lot easier to create than physical products. All you need to create a digital product is a few devices like a computer and necessary software. But which are the most popular digital products? What can you sell fast on the market? Let’s look at a few highly marketable digital products.

1. Ebooks

eBooks are some of the most popular digital products on the market today. These products are easy to create, especially if you are not a fictional author. In most cases, you will only need to be able to do thorough research and provide evidence-based solutions. With so many stores for books online, you will not have trouble marketing and selling the products, and any extra sale will only come with small costs. This means almost all your revenue will be retained as profit. eBooks are also easily consumed by buyers as they only need tablets, computers, or mobile phones.

2. Audio

There are many different audio products you can sell on the internet. These include recorded lectures, audiobooks, samples of music, lessons in foreign languages, sound effects that can be added to videos, and covers of popular songs. If you have the ability to create these digital products, you should have an easy time selling them on various platforms. You can read more about these platforms and apps on this page.

3. High-Quality Premium Photographs

Photography is one of the most marketable skills in online markets. People need pictures for their blogs, websites, and eBooks, and they are ready to pay for high-quality photos. You can sell your images on stock photography sites, and these will usually require you to pay a membership fee. You may find that the potential returns from these sites are quite low. That is why many of the highly skilled photographers choose to develop their own sites where they can sell the products.

4. Online Courses

People have been selling e-learning courses for a few years now, and the industry has been growing. Traditional educational institutions commonly use this method to make their products available to the masses, but even individuals can create courses for just about anything. The material can be distributed to potential buyers in many different ways. You can sell them as downloadable one-off courses or as downloadable collections of courses. Another alternative is to sell subscriptions to web-based services.


The internet has made it a lot easier to create and sell digital products. You can create many of these products with very little money, and some will not even require any financial investment. Some popular digital products include eBooks, audio materials, photographs, and e-learning courses. You should research the various apps and platforms where you can sell the products. It might help to create a website where you can market your products. This is because you will be able to set your own prices and will grow your name and brand.