Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The importance of childcare when working from home

Working from home can be a challenge, even in a calm, tranquil space. Living and working from one space can be incredibly challenging, with distractions and interruptions working from home is never easy.

These challenges can be amplified when you also have children at home. Being a parent and working simultaneously is challenging, bordering on impossible. Childcare can be the answer to all these problems, so are the 5 biggest reasons childcare is essential when you are working from home.

A calm environment to work

When your children are in the care of trusted childcare professionals, it means your home will be quiet and calm, meaning you can work with focus and less distractions. If you work in a job requiring talking with clients and candidates; for example, if you are a commodities headhunter, you will need a quiet environment in which to speak to the clients in question.

Not only will the quality of your work improve in a calm and quiet environment, but any calls taken from home will be professional and uninterrupted. It is very difficult to feel focused and professional when meetings are being regularly interrupted by your child needing something from you.

Best for you, best for them

Investing in childcare for your little ones is not a selfish choice. Not only will it benefit you and your work but your child will be in the care of trained professionals who can create a stimulating and educational environment for your child. It is not realistic for you to assume you would be able to do this while also working a fulltime job. The separation will also mean that when your child is home with you, you will be able to give them your full love and attention, as opposed to being busy elsewhere.

Separation of family and work

Separation can feel like a dirty word when we talk about our family, but the reality is that for both you and your child separation can be extremely valuable. For many people starting businesses of all types, this can be very challenging. Not only will you be teaching your child to stand on their own two feet, but you will be able to work with focus while they are away and then be truly present with them when they come home. This is a much better option than attempting to be a parent and work simultaneously, as chances are you will not be doing either to the best of your ability.

Less conflict

When we try to focus on too many things at once we generally fail. Trying to work and parent at the same time in the same place is exhausting and the chances are that eventually there will be conflict. It might be that your child feels overlooked as you seem to value your work over them, it might be that you and your partner disagree about how you parent and work under one roof, it might be that your boss considers that your parenting is negatively affecting your work. Either way, there will eventually be conflict. Creating clear divides between work and parenting can be a great way to avoid this conflict. Using regular childcare to separate parenting time and working time will take the stress off your shoulders and mean you can do both your jobs to the best of your ability.


Setting clear and consistent routines can be fantastic for our mental health and for the wellbeing of your child. When children have a lack of structure it can be stressful and confusing for them. Making regular childcare a part of your family routine will keep things running smoothly and create structure and stability for everyone in your family.