Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The Ideal Welcome Pack Contents for New Starters

When your business hires new recruits, it’s important to make them feel at ease as soon as possible.

The first day in new surroundings is always daunting and unnerving, but with a little thought and imagination, it’s possible for employers to make a wonderful first impression using welcome packs or onboarding gifts.

Welcome packs or bespoke onboarding gifts are designed to equip new starters with gifts or products that will come in handy in their line of work. They not only have practical benefits in terms of employee productivity, but they can also have a lasting effect on team morale, helping new recruits feel valued.

If you’re a forward-thinking business that’s thinking of investing in welcome packs for new starters, here are some handy starting points to help surprise new colleagues and make them comfortable in their new working environment.

Branded accessories

It’s important to think practically when it comes to your onboarding packs. Consider supplying new starters with accessories and items that will enhance their productivity day-to-day. It could be stationary like notepads or desk pads or IT hardware like universal adapters. The latter is now considered an essential tech item, with an integral role in powering devices within the office and on the go. You could even develop your company culture further by supplying these accessories branded to create a unique workplace environment.

A guide to the local area

This is a particularly thoughtful gift to new starters relocating to a new area for the role. Take the time to recommend a host of eateries, cafes, bars, restaurants, and attractions, to help them and their family acclimatize to their new surroundings.

Coffee mugs – to help them start their day the right way

This might seem somewhat trivial, but many people need their caffeine fix at the start of the day. You could consider buying them a personalized mug, making it easy for them to identify their mug in the office. You could go the whole hog and provide them with a set of cups – a coffee mug, a teacup, and even an espresso cup.

A bespoke message from their line manager or CEO

Another way to embrace new recruits and engage them in their opening hours on the team is to include a bespoke message from their team manager or CEO. A personal greeting can go a long way to improving the self-esteem of new starters. You may also decide to take this opportunity to outline the company’s short-term plans within the message, to help them feel part of the business's ongoing journey.

Artisan snacks or sweet treats

At the other end of the spectrum, it’s also a good idea to include something rather more light-hearted. Nip to a local artisan bakery or store to get new starters some delicious savory or sweet treats they can enjoy during their first week in the office. Yet again, it’s another way of helping staff feel valued and anything but a cog in the wheel.

The benefits of onboarding packs include enhanced brand exposure too. Unexpected acts of kindness like a welcome pack can encourage new starters to take to social media like LinkedIn to celebrate their first day and highlight your compassion as an employer.