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The Growth Company uses ISV skills testing to secure loyal and successful candidates

Clive Hennessy, Client Success Manager at Ikiru People, asked Olivia Redfearn, Restart Internal Recruitment Team Lead at The Growth Company, to share how ISV.Online skills testing helps hiring successful candidates.

Please describe your organisation?

The Growth Company is a not-for-profit with multiple services and provisions to enable growth and make positive differences for people and businesses across the North West.

How well does the ISV.Online product work?

The product works very well when trying to understand what candidates will not only match the role we intend to fill, but the culture fit and whether they can work well in a value-driven business like The Growth Company.

How easy is the product to use?

The product is easy to use for clients and customers. The results are easy to analyse.

How do you find the efficiency and the speed of ISV.Online?

ISV was very efficient, easy to add candidates and send tests as well as collect the results.

Has ISV.Online positively impacted your productivity and ability to assess people better?

Yes, ISV has helped in this area. We have not utilised all of the tests across The Growth Company businesses to give a full-bodied answer but they have improved the recruitment process.

Would you recommend ISV.Online to others?

Yes, we would. These tests ensure that we hire effectively which will in the long run secure loyal and successful candidates.

ISV.Online is the leading supplier of skills testing software and services to the UK Recruitment Industry.  Used by 9 of the top 10 UK agencies, by number of offices, and 7 of the top 10, by revenue, ISV.Online offers candidate skills assessment and evaluation software and online training tools, allowing agencies and in-house HR/recruitment teams to validate the skills of potential candidates and existing employees across a wide range of areas.