Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The first online searchable database of apprenticeship standards has been launched by

The easy-to-use search tool allows young people – as well as employers, teachers and careers advisers – to find all government approved apprenticeship standards, filtered by sector, industry and apprenticeship level

If a young person knows they want to work within a specific sector, such as Marketing, they can select this from the list and browse the apprenticeship standards available, and can drill down even further - finding standards in areas within that sector, like Social Media or Public Relations.

Alternatively, if someone knows they want to do a Higher Apprenticeship, the tool can be used to search all apprenticeship standards that are at that particular level.

Users can then explore approved apprenticeship standards in more detail, examining the skills needed, specific entry requirements and an overview of the role, to help identify if an apprenticeship in that area is the right choice.

Jack Denton, co-founder of, said: “This new search tool is the latest addition to our website – on top of our news, advice, and live apprentice job vacancies – making it easier than ever for young people to find programmes that are right for them, and get inspiration for what they could do when they leave school.

“With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy this spring, more and more apprenticeship opportunities are being developed and more employers are setting up programmes. We want to ensure school leavers know exactly what’s out there, and our new standards database does just that.”

Apprenticeship standards show, in detail, what an apprentice will be doing in their day-to-day job role. Each standard lists the skills required of apprentices, and every standard is written by a group of employers called ‘trailblazers’. Trailblazers are experts within their industry and have worked with countless apprentices; if there’s anyone who knows what skills are required of apprentices, it’s the trailblazers.

While the government website lists all approved standards, there is no search tool to filter them using sector, industry or level.  Visit to start using the new database now.