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The Changing Face of Recruitment

An Introduction to RChilli’s Solutions

Company Profile

RChilli Inc.

Technology is putting a deep impact on the complete recruitment lifecycle. Adopting HR technology is a must for organizations to shorten their recruitment process and get quality candidates. Automation is the buzzword these days and taking help of technology will ensure a simplified recruitment process.

About RChilli

RChilli is a leading recruitment automation provider known for providing parsing, semantic matching, and enrichment to every recruitment management system. It captures, manages, and analyzes resume data in the most proficient manner. Its innovative solutions facilitate quick talent acquisition with the help of resume parsing, semantic search & match and resume enrichment. With 24x7 customer support, a notable global presence and a customizable platform, it aims at delivering the best.

Why RChilli?

Are you still managing resumes manually?

If the answer to this question is ‘yes,’ you probably need a solution which can take away all your worries and enhance your productivity.

RChilli solutions will help you in extracting data from resumes and save the information in data fields. As a result,

  • the recruitment process gets automated. There is a complete elimination of manual intervention.
  • recruiters can save a lot of time which can be invested in planning and implementing other strategies.
  • recruiters get quality candidates with a click.


Resume Parser

Say goodbye to sorting out resumes manually

What is RChilli Resume Parser Solution?

  • It converts an unstructured form of resume data into the structured format.
  • It analyses a resume/CV created in any format, be it doc, docx, html, pdf, rtf and extracts information into XML, JSON format through API.
  • It parses information into more than 100 fields.

JD Parser

Is your job description not fetching you the right candidates?

RChilli’s JD parser parses a job description, delivers an output which can be used against candidate profiles to find better matches.

  • A clear job description will fetch more traffic to your website.
  • Recruiters will be able to close jobs quickly.
  • JD parser will streamline the recruitment process.

Semantic Search & Match

Get the Best Match for your resume/CV

Semantic Matching helps you in finding the right candidate by matching resumes with job descriptions. Its comprehensive matching technology finds the best fit through synonym matches related to skills/competency, domain, location, tools, education and job title. Usually, there are four types of matching:

  • Resume to Jobs
  • Job to Resumes
  • Resume to Resumes
  • Job to Jobs

Data Migration

Transfer data with ease

It means the transfer of data from various locations to an ATS. An organization needs to have an effective data migration process when it upgrades or purchases a new system.

With RChilli, you can migrate data from any source to any format. It will eliminate challenges such as

  • wrong information about the candidate
  • losing data
  • technical hassles
  • improper format of the data dump


Find the best match through jobs/skills alias

It is a detailed collection of skills and job alias which helps in identifying the skills and expertise of a candidate easily.

e.g You have written job profile as ‘Java Developer’ in your job description. Resume parser will look for job alias in its taxonomy namely ‘Java engineer’, ‘Java lead,’ ‘Java Software Designer,’ ‘Java Software Programmer’ etc. Its parser extracts from resumes having these job profile names which gives the recruiter more options to choose from.

RChilli is soon introducing enrichment marketplace where you can get complete information about the candidate through his email id by using various apps & tools at one place.