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The Best Paying Jobs in Italy

There is no such thing as a lousy job - only lousy men who don't care to do it (Ayn Rand)

This means that if you feel happy in what you are doing, you'll have inner peace. In Italy, despite the Covid-19 pandemic that had a profound impact on employment levels and other sectors, this country is fighting to make its economy more resilient. 

Regarding the labour market, the nation has higher job opportunities thanks to the internet advent as well as technological development. The professions related to technology, education, finance, health, and administration are hot sectors for the job market as they are the most profitable ones. Here is a look at the top highest-paying jobs in Italy.


As we totally depend on the internet to communicate and to get informed, copywriting has become one of the most in-demand careers. This position plays an important role in the ventures to sell and promote their goods and services. In fact, a copywriter is responsible for writing the websites such as NonAAMS, Sisal, Snai for the purpose to market their businesses. This person spends days writing and must be able to provide creative ideas or concepts to reach the target audience. 

A career as a copywriter is the highest paying job provided that you are a successful writer. Another reason to make this position attractive is that there are no licenses or certifications required but you must have a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. Experience with SEO and high creation and imagination are important skills as well.

Marketing Directors

The Marketing director also offers an attractive remuneration package since this job is the brain of the company. This position necessitates both strong project management and people management. As a matter of fact; a marketing director is in charge of the marketing and communications strategies of the firm. 

This person has the role to prepare and oversee the annual marketing plans as well as analyse and set the marketing budget. The private sector businesses commonly hire this position but some of these directors work for public bodies or charities. A director of marketing requires a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field and the candidate must also have experience in management, leadership, and data analysis.

College Professors

Becoming a college professor requires more persistence and patience as it is a tough job with long hours. That is the reason why this prestigious career is considered among the top paid occupations. A college professor is in charge of preparing the course and teaching students. These courses can be in lecture, laboratory, and seminar forms depending on the professor or the educational program. 

A master's degree is the minimum level of education needed but normally doctoral degrees from a renowned university are required. Moreover, earning licences and professional certifications is also an asset to access a pathway to a professor role. To increase your chances of getting hired, long-years of experience in education are essential since a college professor usually starts with a probationary position.

Surgeons / Doctors

A physician and surgeon have remained seductive and have continued to be the job dream of many school-leavers. This respected and honored profession requires a path of patience as there is a long road ahead for students to achieve their goals. The surgeon is not only responsible for performing the operation but this person also provides the patients with postoperative surgical care and treatment. As for the physician, this career profile involves diagnosing and treating injuries or illnesses. 

A six-year of medical study is required and after, you will need to pass a national exam to become a physician. Concerning the surgeon, aside from a six-year medical study, a three to six-year further medical programme is required. As this medical career demands a long learning path and more extensive knowledge, it is not surprising if it is among the highest-paying careers in the world.

Chief Executive Officers

Since a chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in a company, it is obvious if it is classified among the top-earning jobs. The role varies depending on the company’s structure and size but the CEO is the first responsible for the success or failure of a corporation. 

As this position comes first in the hierarchy, the common responsibility of the appointed person is to manage the overall operations and resources of the organisation. A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is required for those who desire to follow the career path. Additionally, this person must fulfill some requirements such as management communication skills, strong leadership abilities, and more.