Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The Benefits of Learning and Teaching via Online Platforms

The internet has had a huge impact on all sectors of the economy.

Education, for example, continues to witness revolutionary approaches to teaching and learning in schools around the world.

 The use of technology in the classroom in the 21st Century is something every millennial wants to part of, not to mention that learning gadgets are already tipping us of a future everyone anticipates with great enthusiasm. In short, it is hard to ignore present manifestations of online teaching and learning platforms that are contributing to human intelligence more than ever.

In this post, I take you through the advantages of online teaching and learning via online education platforms, but first, let’s take a look at the basics.

Examples of online education platforms

You may have had firsthand experience with the now popular, gamified teaching, which to a greater extent; has helped make learning fun and inspiring. However, it is only a tip of the iceberg. There are a dozen plus more manifestations of online learning and teaching you need to know such as the following:

  • Being able to order papers online or even hire someone from top custom paper platforms who can help me write my paper is another example of how the internet is changing academia. It is a concept of e-learning that is becoming popular by the day.

Students no longer worry about pressures that come with meeting tight homework deadlines because in the nick of time, they can hire the best and cheapest helper on the web for a fast turnaround.

  • Nevertheless, with e-learning, students have access to digital libraries, in which case, they have millions of eBooks at the palmtops. That is not all.  
  • Learners in the 21st century are able to register for online courses on wide-ranging platforms. Coursera is one of the most popular platforms via which, students can learn, not to mention others like EdEx, Open Culture, Hippocampus, Schoology, Razz Kids, Udacity and Khan Academy where they can register for courses.

How do they work?

Online education platforms are redefining the purpose of e-learning because they are an improvement over contemporary learning and teaching methods. Internet connectivity is the backbone of everything. And, the fact that some platforms provide offline content means no one is left behind because even those who do not have adequate access to the web can still learn something new.

For a student to get started on say a platform like EdEx, he or she only needs to sign up then start accessing tons of educational resources.

What are the benefits?

Now, let’s take a look at the advantage of online education.  

· Scalability of education

A few years ago, traditional education systems meant one could only learn or teach but a few things.  With few resources at the disposal of teachers and students, little could be achieved, and the impact of such knowledge was hardly felt far and wide. But, the story is different today, and it is because web-based education platforms continue to scale the heights of education in many ways we couldn’t have envisaged.  

You can access any educational material from anywhere in the world, download book summaries from e-libraries like Google Books, learn a foreign language on the go using Apps like Duolingo, and the best part, have fun!

· Learning beyond the limitations of physical classrooms

We live in the age of information overload. It means, every day, we read and learn something new. With this, students who take their lessons via online platforms are able to learn anything without limitations. The power is in your hands because you control what you want to learn, and for how long.

· Convenience and flexibility of school-work life

Usually, physically attending lessons in lecture halls leaves one with little time to partake in side hustles.  But given that students sometimes need to earn a little money for their upkeep, the online education system has come through as a blessing in disguise. Learners can schedule classes based on convenience, hence more ease in balancing school-work life.

· More Affordability  

For a long time, students couldn’t access as much teaching time as they wished. But that is not the case with Internet-based education. No worries about paying fees in full because one can pay for specific lessons.  In retrospect, the concept of online teaching was to help cut costs, thereby making it possible for every student to earn a diploma, a degree, master's or Ph.D even without enough education funding.

· Learn comfortable and own pace

Being able to choose what to learn was never possible with contemporary teaching methods. However, internet schooling has brought to the fore, a paradigm shift in the way students feel and how much they want to learn at a given point in time.  Attending lessons from the comfort of one’s home is the best part of it.