Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

TFPL launches knowledge and information skills toolkit


TFPL Ltd has launched its Knowledge and Information Skills Toolkit - a web enabled diagnostic tool designed to help individuals and organisations identify and assess the skills they have and need to operate successfully in
the knowledge economy.

The generic set of knowledge and information related skills, which forms the basis of the core product, is an outcome from three international research projects undertaken by TFPL over the last few years which has been further enhanced through client projects and product testing.

In addition to the well researched and tested skills sets, one of the most valuable features of our Toolkit is the spidergram used to represent the skills assessments. says Nigel Oxbrow, Founder and Chief Executive of TFPL.
These diagrams graphically illustrate the skills required for particular roles, those available and the gaps. They enable individuals to create their own personal development plans and they stimulate considerable discussion if used in the appraisal process. Managers also find them helpful in defining the skills required in particular roles and in building teams with the right mix of skills to achieve objectives. The gaps identified through the analysis tool can be addressed through different development and learning routes - and signposts to these routes are embedded
in the toolkit and can be tailored to contain training and development approaches of specific organisations.

We are making the Toolkit available on our website ( free of charge for individuals to assess the skills they need to develop for a role they have, or wish to have, and to plan their own professional development -
it''s an excellent tool for our recruitment candidates to use for their career planning. explained Val Skelton, Project Manager. We are also delivering the Toolkit as a commercial package to organisations as a tailored intranet based management tool.

TFPL''s Toolkit may be purchased as a standalone product that the client either uses as it is or adapts themselves to meet their requirements, or as part of a package that includes TFPL''s assistance in developing the content
to reflect the context, terminology, skills requirements and skills development routes for the client organisation. Different versions of the toolkit are available for organisations wishing to focus on information literacy or document and records management.