Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec comments on the latest REC report on jobs - 10/2000

Decline in temps

In light of the continuing decline of available temporary workers (as highlighted in the REC's NTC report and the increasingly tight labour market, it is expected that more employers will be driven online in their search for quality temps.

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to secure quality candidates across both permanent and temporary markets, as candidate availability falls for the 15th month in succession. Indications are that there will be no immediate respite in the current decline in both the number and calibre of permanent candidates in the market.

According to Chris Leonard, founder of the world's first, fully web-enabled online temp recruitment agency Using the web has become an integral part of most employers permanent recruitment policies with the emergence of as the first in a new breed of 'virtual' e-temping agencies, using the web for temp procurement will become a integral part of their flexible staffing strategy.

His company's research has confirmed that online services will prove increasingly valuable to businesses both in the UK and globally, as companies look for alternative means of securing the right people. He continues It still comes back to finding ways of attracting the right people. In the world of temping, the hourly rates offered by an agency is a key influencing factor.

Using, with its significantly lower margins due to its lower infrastructure means that companies can afford to pay higher rates to temps. In addition to the many other benefits temps get from temping online, these
better rates attract more of the highly skilled temps. Employers therefore get
access to a larger pool of quality temps and at less cost. Value for money is always a crucial factor in selecting supplier agencies, and the proposition will therefore be doubly attractive to employers, and even more so when the labour market is so tight.