Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec Launches To Challenge Traditional Recruitment Consultancies - 03/2000

New Service Can Reduce Recruitment Costs By Up To 90%

In a move to compete with the traditional temporary recruitment model and to drastically reduce the costs of hiring and using temporary/contractor staff, is the first e-site in the UK to challenge the conventional way of finding temporary work. Tempsonline is committed to connecting candidates seeking temporary work and those companies who wish to recruit them.

The service was created and launched in response to the vast expense both in terms of time and money a company spends sourcing and deploying temporary staff throughout their organisations. Targeted specifically at the accountancy, banking, finance and secretarial sectors, went live on the 17th January 2000 and already has a number of client companies sign up for the service.

The industry standard mark-up is 20% on gross pay. An accountant with three years post qualification experience would expect to earn 25 per hour. A client would pay 33.66, which includes 3.05 NI and 5.61 agency commission. Therefore a company employing five temp accountants would pay 50,490 in agent's commission in one year. Tempsonline charges companies based on the amount of access time they spend searching their database. The average charge is 1,000 per quarter. Therefore, using this scenario, Tempsonline would provide a saving of over 90%!!! For companies who are heavy temp users or highly conscious of their cost base, the multiple savings are tremendous.

Tempsonline was developed by ex-recruitment professionals tired with traditional recruitment practices. David Hurwood for Tempsonline commented: We
believe that there is no real value being added by employment agencies that supply temporary/contract resources, so we aim to cut out the middleman, the high margins they charge, and pass these savings onto those companies who use temporary staff and the contractors themselves, who are free to negotiate their own rates directly with the companies they are working for. Deutsche Bank recently reported that Tempsonline `use price transparency as a tool to attract workers in a candidate driven market'.

How does this service work?
Instead of the traditional brokerage service of charging clients' per recruitment hire for every hour, week and month worked - charges client's access only to its extensive database of candidates. This enables recruiting companies to hook up with the optimal candidates available by comparing their search criteria to every candidate available.

Candidates are provided with the capability to maintain a comprehensive CV detailing skills profiles that is incorporated into Tempsonline database on the website itself. Putting a CV together, sending it off and going to meet recruitment companies can be very time consuming. Candidates simply register the CV on-line and wait for the job offers to come to them.

The result is a tailored list of applicants giving the recruiting company the fastest access to the best candidates, which they can then contact directly.

Since its launch on 17th January 2000, there have been over 200,000 hits on the site with more than 500 candidates registered on the database.