Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Tech Jobs in the Digital Sector for You to Consider

The development of new technology has opened up a range of new industries rife with jobs to spare. Take a look at our picks for your best options.

The development of new technology has opened up a range of new industries rife with jobs to spare. They are competitive and require highly qualified individuals, but they offer a chance to be a part of something new and something important. We are currently going through a tech industry boom, with IT related vacancies now making up 13% of all UK job vacancies, and you should take advantage.

So, if you’re interested in a job in the digital sector, take a look at our picks for your best options.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a whole new kettle of fish that Don Draper never considered and would probably be confused by. Terms like “affiliate” and “SEO” will go right over the head of someone with a product to promote, as will all the data analysis that comes with the job.

There are many ways you can get into online marketing. Half the industry is content creation, so if you have talent in filming, editing, photography, writing, etc. Then you can create content for clients who are looking to showcase their products and services.

The other half is strategizing. How will you approach your target audience? Who is controlling communication and social media? What methods will you use? What methods can you see are working?

Every business will be looking for this role in some capacity, so shop around.

App development

App development is a career that will appeal to software developers one way or another. Maybe you have an idea, a problem that needs solving, and you know how to solve it in a phone or laptop. Or maybe you’re just interested in a certain genre and are looking to compete. Whether you’re looking to innovate with a stranger danger app, an app that compares grocery items in multiple supermarkets or want to inform people of the best football odds, there is something out there for you to work on.

Creating, testing, and programming apps for devices will see you and a team work together to swap and implement ideas and concepts for the general public to use. It is an industry that involves creativity and practicality on top of the software engineering qualifications.

Smart tech

Businesses in industries all over are currently embracing smart devices for everything from payment to data security. Smart security is keeping an eye on our staff’s comings and goings with staff IDs that offer access to data or physical space, keyless entry is making breaking in harder, and contactless payment has become the norm thanks to no one willing to touch germ-infested notes anymore.

There are jobs in development, where your ideas can impact society at large. Smart tech is currently being used to aid everything from environmental impact to gaining access to a hotel minibar. So, find a problem and solve it with smart cards and readers.

And any new tech will need someone who can repair it when its time comes. With so much tech implemented into society, there will be a demand for someone who doesn’t just understand what it does, but how it works, and, more importantly, why it isn’t.