Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Sweet Deal For PeopleBank - 09/2000

Nestl Selects PeopleBansk ASP

PeopleBank have secured a deal that provides Nestlís UK Food and Beverage divisions with the technology to use their own corporate website as an online recruitment facility. The ASP solution - PeopleBank Select, offers Nestl the opportunity to utilise the PeopleBank Network (including Daily Mail CareerLink, Evening Standardís Big Blue Dog, and United Broadcast portals) through the existing Nestl website. All job applications will go through a sift and sort procedure which will provide Nestl with a refined candidate shortlist and automatic reply system for candidates.

PeopleBank MD Bill Shipton said, ìMore and more companies are finding that both time and money are being lost by inefficient recruitment process. PeopleBank Select provides companies with the opportunity to have a leading online recruitment package which has the technology to shortlist candidates with the right qualities and skills and yet allows companies to keep complete control of their website.î

Neil Millan, Human Resources Manager in Nestl UKís Food and Beverage divisions said, ìFor some time, we have wanted to make better use of our website in the recruitment process. We are confident that PeopleBank offers a reliable and efficient service that will provide us with the right candidates, quickly and cost effectively.î