Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

StepStone Offers Education Service - 09/2000

Expansion In Response To Research

In response to findings that 60% of jobseekers in the UK will turn to the net for career development and training, leading European e-cruiter StepStone has launched an education service. This move is seen as a further step towards providing a complete careers management environment for users. The initiative will be rolled out across Europe by the end of the year.

The stimulus for these moves were the findings of a NOP survey commissioned by StepStone. The survey states that over 50% of workers are not fulfilling their potential and 76% of jobseekers feel that further training would enhance prospects. 60% of jobseekers would consider courses, but only 16% are currently participating in organised skills learning. This gap clearly is the motivation behind StepStoneís move.

The section will offer thousands of professional, academic, vocational and leisure based courses and institutions across Europe. Giles Clarke, CEO of StepStone commented ìThis new channel fits very well with our business model. It provides further evidence of the way we intend to develop StepStone in the future, by offering users a real career management environmentî.