Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Startup Sees Employment Growth as Weddings Return

For many companies, particularly startups, the Covid-19 pandemic brought many difficulties which hadn’t previously been accounted for.

With many being forced to work from home and some businesses left with no option but to close for business indefinitely, many were left bankrupt or forced to reduce their number of employees. This left almost 5% of people unemployed between January and March of 2021, approaching a year since the pandemic began.

Some companies which managed to maintain their companies throughout the UK lockdown are now thriving post-pandemic, with more business than they had previously. One company which is currently making a lot of sales is bespoke suit company, The Drop, launched by Jonathan Kruger in 2016. The startup company received £250,000 in investment from Forward Partners and is now busier than ever before.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the UK into lockdown, prohibiting events such as weddings, christenings and funerals from taking place. When restrictions eased slightly, there were different regulations regarding formal events, limiting the number of guests permitted to attend. As a consequence of this, many chose to postpone their celebrations, meaning many more are taking place post-covid than was ever anticipated.

This is fantastic news for The Drop, who have had an increased number of sales since events have started taking place with less or no restrictions in place. The bespoke suit startup company are specialising in made to measure suits delivered in under three weeks with no delivery fees, and have now had the opportunity to hire more staff after seeing their orders grow massively.

Founder of The Drop, Jonathan Kruger commented:

"Covid was certainly a quiet time for suit orders, but we have seen the demand resurge in recent weeks as weddings and parties are back on - and some people are not necessarily able to fit into their suits anymore!"

"From the groom to extended family members and ushers, we are delighted to take on more staff and it is great to be part of the growing economy again."