Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Sports Enthusiasts - How Your Smartphone Can Help

Smartphones are not just for texting and posting to Facebook anymore. In fact, most people don't realize just how useful these little gadgets can be. Anyone who considers themselves a sports enthusiast would be doing themselves a disservice by not utilizing the power of their phones.

Read on, and we will walk you through everything you need to know about how your smartphone can help make you a better sports enthusiast.

It Can Make Sports Betting Easier

Before sports betting on the internet became a thing, you pretty much only had one option. That was to physically enter a casino and place a bet. Nowadays, things are thankfully much less complicated. Sites like Sbobet make betting on sports an easy, lucrative, and fun experience.

By using a company's mobile app, you can place bets on over 1,500 different sporting events every week right from your phone. You can also check on live score updates, so you are always in the know.

Watch Live Games

As smartphone screens continue to get larger, they become more enjoyable to watch content on. And now that all the major sports are streamed in HD, this makes the viewing experience even better.

Those interested in watching specific sports can download the corresponding apps. For example, someone who loves football can download the NFL app and subscribe to the organization's streaming network. This would allow you to watch every NFL game live. You can do the same for the MLB, NHL, and NBA.

Or, if you consider yourself to just be a general sports enthusiast, you can download something like the ESPN app. With ESPN+ you can get access to live play-by-play as well as stream a limited number of live events and games.

Follow the Players who Matter to You

An estimated 45% of the world's population is on some form of social media. This includes many of the world's top athletes and teams. If there is a player who you feel passionately about then you can most likely sign up on an app like Instagram or Twitter and follow that person along on their many personal and professional adventures.

With Instagram, you can watch as your favorite athletes prepare for the next big game, hang out with fellow socialites, and cook nice dinners in their fancy kitchens. Or join Twitter and hear the athlete's opinions on whatever they want to talk about. You can even like, retweet, or comment. Who knows, they might even respond to you.


If you are a sports enthusiast who owns a smartphone then there is no reason not to use it. Above, we have only discussed a few applications and benefits that smartphones can provide. There are dozens of ways and hundreds of applications out there as a means to enrich your sporting experience.

Just be aware that many apps are very similar to one another. Try to diversify the content that you have on your phone and get a well-rounded sports intake to get the most out of your phone.