Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Software package opens up international recruitment market

People Genie to launch in January 2003

A software package designed to dramatically reduce the time spent sending job advertisements to recruitment websites (ëjob boardsí) will be launched in January 2003.

The People Genie software is powered by Microsoft.NET and will enable all recruiters from small businesses with ad hoc vacancies to specialist recruitment companies to send their adverts to as many of the international and UK ëjob boardsí required instantly.

Marc Hendrickse, Managing Director of People Genie commented: ìWith over 650 million internet users worldwide and recruitment listed as the second most popular past time on the internet, it is not surprising that ëjob boardsí are now widely recognised as an essential tool within the recruitment industry. However, the need to research which sites are most effective and the requirement to send data in various formats has made online recruitment inaccessible to those who are unfamiliar with the processes involved.

ìIn a move to open up the online recruitment market, People Genie will be made available to both in-house recruiters and specialist companies. The software can be accessed entirely through the Internet and will process the data from one enquiry into the formats required for all national and international sites.î

Additional facilities to be offered at the time of the launch include booking advertising space, storing CV databases, triggering personalised automatic responses to applicants and even providing independent research on the most successful job boards for your industry sector.

At present, filling out job adverts specific to each ëjob boardí often involves training employees with the criteria and technology used for each site, hence even the largest recruitment companies rely on only a handful of sites to post their vacancies. People Genie can suggest which sites to use and asks the recruiter to complete a simple template. If European or International sites are selected with alternative criteria, additional questions may be asked on the template, however any translation and technical data is processed automatically.

The need to send vacancies to European and international job boards was identified from research gathered about the increasing trend to look overseas to supplement the UK employment market. Over the past 12 months the staff intake for the UKís largest recruiter; the NHS includes 50% from outside the UK. The Internet is seen as an obvious tool to penetrate this market.

Marc Hendrickse added: ìWe want to break down the barriers between external specialists and in-house teams so weíve pitched People Genie at a level where it will be perceived as an essential tool to assist with any companiesí recruitment needs, no matter how big or small. People Genie will not be an exclusive product sold at a premium to recruitment specialists, we are anticipating to have signed up over 1,000 recruiters by the end of 2003 through direct sales and agents such as selected ëjob boardsí.î

People Genie will be available through selected job boards from January 2003 or may be purchased direct from People Genie for 500 VAT per annum. To register as one of the first 1,000 companies projected to sign up in 2003 call 44 (0)870 922 4061 or log onto