Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

SMOWL and the Revolution of Remote Monitoring of the Recruitment and Talent Assessment Processes

Finding trusted, reliable, and essentially reputable software programs these days when it comes to online learning and exam evaluations can be daunting.

With so many options available it can become tricky knowing who to trust in and out of the classroom, which is why only top-quality services from reputable firms such as SMOWL can ensure your student’s privacy while offering a safe examination environment.

We are well aware that the digital world and the use of online platforms have significantly increased in recent years and seem to be the way of the future. As more institutions and businesses are using remote working options for recruitment and training, or classes are conducted online via schooling platforms, it only makes sense to not only ‘keep up with the Joneses’ as the old saying goes, but to do so safely.

Online education conducted efficiently and effectively

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the online sector for schooling systems, students are encouraged to stay home for examinations or evaluations based on specific situations whether it pertains to the institution or something larger. But with this comes the need for heightened identification and verification, and also ensuring examinations are conducted with integrity and honesty.

A quality proctoring program can ensure students are sitting for their tests or assessments while being identified as the correct student, that no other tools are being used for assistance, or whether the student decides to leave the test setting for any reason. With the right software in place, your institution can reap the benefits of maintaining a routine testing schedule but with the added advantage of security. Let’s see what some of those positives are and how they can benefit the way you conduct exams and evaluations of your students.

  • Scalability – No matter how small or large the institution or classroom setting the program is tailored to your size and scale needed.
  • Ease of navigation – The intuitive interface makes it simple and easy to use for everyone, and teachers can take advantage of the customizable proctoring solutions tailored for their specific exam.
  • Cost-effective with minimal internet usage – An image-based identification software is used rather than a continuous digital imaging video feed, which means there is reduced internet consumption and in turn saves you financially in the long run. Students also eliminate the need for travel to and from centers, and infrastructures are needed less with remote access widely and readily available.
  • Security – Privacy regulations are adhered to at all times and this software complies with not only legislation but GDPR.

With all these advantages of online testing safety, there is no longer the need to postpone or cancel examinations for concerns over security or falsifications. And what makes this software so appealing is the fact that it is easily adaptable to your student’s needs, and specific exams and students can access the platform from the comfort of their homes.

More for your business

While online education seems a frontrunner for secure online platforms, you can maximize your work efficiency just as well. Often training employees takes a lot of organization, manpower, and funds, but most importantly time is not something we have an abundance of. With online proctoring software in place, you can maximize workflow, offer employees a more balanced personal-office lifestyle, and offer training services to staff while keeping an eye on their performances and evaluations.

Hiring and then training new team members can quickly become a tedious task, but when you use brands that have proctoring for HR companies as a priority, you can’t go wrong. Once you have completed the hiring process, or have short-listed potential candidates, a quick online assessment done in a secure, professional, and private setting, you soon see who will be a good fit for your company.

By assessing new staff members online in the comfort of their homes and limiting time-wasting with travel and in-person matters, you save not only financially, but you reach a peaceful evaluation environment that works for everyone.

A final thought

The world is undoubtedly moving towards all things digital, and AI-based, and in doing so we discover the need for heightened security in the workplace and in our educational institutions. The issue many companies find, however, is the security aspect where too often at-home assessments and evaluations can be manipulated. But no more.

When you have a trusted and reliable brand such as SMOWL working with you, for you, and with your priorities at the forefront, you can have peace of mind that your employees or students are in safe and capable hands.