Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Simple Ways to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

With most who were able to having worked from home for quite some time having done so, many employers as well as employees have found that their productivity has fallen slightly, and in some cases quite considerably.

From the perspective of an employer, HR department or business owner, keeping employees, partners and associates comfortable and happy at work usually leads to increased levels of productivity.

Although team ‘away days’ have in recent times been popular, there are additional and innovative ways in which business leaders and those responsible for the wellbeing of employees to help improve and increase productivity.

Checking in On Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing encompasses a broad list of considerations which range from the likes of emotional and mental health to physical health, exercise and even how well your employees are able to unwind and sleep.

Sleep pods can for example be found in some larger offices, in which employees, associates and even visitors can grab some much-needed sleep, rest and recuperation, often in the form of a power nap or short sleep and often with very comfortable and ergonomic bedding (source: Cuddledown) available to help recharge their batteries.

Some companies provide mental health services to all staff, whilst others provide it only to those that request and need it. Either of these approaches can go a very long way in supporting and helping employees and workers with their mental and emotional wellbeing, ultimately helping increase their productivity.

Rewarding Employees

Often found in companies and departments in which there are targets and milestones that employees can work towards, rewarding those working in a company is a tried and tested route to improving and increasing productivity at work.

The reward may be something as simple as a free drink or a plaque or small trophy. However, humans are hard-wired to seek out reward and so any form of recognition and reward is sure to go a long way.

Some companies may go further, for example by providing higher value and higher ticket items like a full meal for two at a restaurant or even a spa day or free treatment at a beauty services provider who can offer anything from facials and massages to laser hair removal services and other sometimes expensive but routine services. A little bit of pampering can go a very long way.

Ergonomic Work Environments

Staying comfortable at work, in an age where more people than ever work from their desks is more important than it has ever been.

When it comes to the workplace and employees, more HR departments than ever are paying attention to the work spaces and levels of comfort their employees work in. Thus, the chair, desk and even screen positioning with which employees work has become very important.

Work stations that are not set up in an ergonomic way are shown to lead to discomfort, bad posture and bad spine and neck alignment for those working, meaning the investment in the ergonomic set up for workers and employees is crucial, be they working from the office or working from home. Comfortable staff equal more productive staff, no matter the job they are performing.

Flexible Working

Flexible working allows for employees to work from a mixture of home and the office. It can be particularly helpful and useful for those with childcare commitments and other family commitments to think about.

For example, if an employee’s child needs to attend a doctor’s appointment or if the employee needs to attend a personal appointment, being based at home on those days may mean shorter travel times.

Hence, this will mean less time away from their desk and work and a more comfortable and convenient arrangement when it comes to getting to the appointments in questions and coming back to work instead of having a lengthened journey to and from the appointment and back to work again. Helping employees navigate their personal lives in this way means they will be less anxious, leading to increased levels of work productivity.