Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Simple and quick ways to improve your business premises

Whether you are running a recruitment agency or a digital marketing agency, your premises need to be well kept and organised. If they are not, productivity will suffer and you will not make a good impression on potential clients.

Without realising it, over time, you can easily end up letting things slide a bit. Below we share a few potential problem areas and suggest what you can do to quickly correct the issue.


Perhaps the easiest place to start is reviewing your signage. For internal signs, try using somewhere like to fill in any gaps. The chances are you will find that quite a few are missing. This is especially the case if your premises have been recently decorated. It is surprising how often signs do not get put back up after they have been taken down.

Having the right signs up inside your premises makes it easier for everyone, including any clients that may visit you there. You do not want them to get lost while trying to find the conference room because it has not been labelled properly.

Get rid of clutter

When you first set up your business premises, everything has a place. But, over time this starts to change. People get busy or careless and do not put things back where they belong.

As your business evolves, the equipment you need changes. Sometimes you don't get around to getting rid items you no longer need. Without realising it, over time, clutter builds up and your business premises start to look untidy. Not a good advert for your company.

Decluttering two or three times a year is a good way to make sure that this does not happen. You can find out how to do it quickly and effectively by clicking here.

Deep clean several times a year

When you declutter, spend a little extra money on cleaning. It is the ideal time to get rid of the hidden dirt that builds up over time. A pristine office or factory always looks far better. Plus, studies show that when people work in a clean and tidy environment they are more productive. They are also far less likely to make mistakes.

Speak to your staff

Providing your staff with a good working environment is essential. Listening to your workforce is a big part of being able to continuously improve your business premises. There are lots of ways to get this feedback. Often, the best ideas come up during casual conversations.

Suggestion boxes work too. It will only take a few minutes to put one up. Just be sure to empty it at least once a week and get back to the person who made the suggestion. This helps to keep people engaged and actively seeking out ways to improve things. Offering a reward for the best idea can help too.

The above, are just a few ideas. If you make a note of things that are wrong as you go around your premises you will easily come up with lots of other enhancement ideas.