Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Revolutionize Recruitment with RChilli

We all are aware that AI is the talk of the tech world. Over a few years, AI widely adopted by Human Resources and other recruiting communities.

Building a relationship with the candidate is the key to hire top talent for an organization. When you establish a true connection with the candidates, they get excited about your organization's goals and values.

Finding, connecting, and retaining people is a result-oriented task. Handling resumes manually is time-consuming. It is time to bring in automation, and HR Tech industry leaders like RChilli provide you a solution for this. RChilli is the most trusted partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data Enrichment for Global recruiting platforms.

Let's find out how it helps ATS, Job Boards, and Enterprises find the perfect candidates.

AI for Resume/Job Parsing: Recruiters always wish for a solution that can eliminate their manual processing and streamline their recruitment process. Resume parser is the most common software used to screen resumes. It parses the candidate's resume and extracts the information into pre-designed data fields. This saves time and efforts of recruiters and also help in shifting from the traditional HR into the digital HR. 

AI for Search and Match: New technology advancement is popping every day. Along with the advancement of technology, it brings 'n' number of software that provide relevant matching results. Semantic search and match offer similar recommendations to resumes and jobs. Such a technique saves your time, efforts, and completes the search relevant to the key skill required in the candidate.

AI for Enrichment: Finding a perfect candidate is not an easy task for recruiters. Here enrichment marketplace can offer you a unique platform. Enrichment marketplace is a unified platform empowering global CRM/ATS/Enterprises to launch their marketplace quickly. It helps you to connect with all data enrichment providers and build multiple use cases/workflows. Apart from this, enrichment helps users to get relevant candidate information from their social media profiles.

HR professionals believe that in the coming future, AI will become an obvious requirement to recruit the perfect fit.

RChilli will keep on helping its users to explore the benefits of automation for better efficiency and productivity.