Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Revolution UK - 10/2000

BNB enters online recruitment market

Recruitment company BNB is entering the online recruitment market with the launch of myOyster.

The site aims to challenge the growing number of recruitment sites such as, and

Approximately 4 million has been dedicated to the development of myOyster, and a further 4.5m has been allocated towards running costs for the site.

Chief executive Graham Durgan claimed that the site will cover four major gaps in the online recruitment market matching what the candidate wants with specifically related skills, confidentiality to prevent employers searching for their employees' details, fulfilment that will allow myOyster to find suitable candidates on behalf of employers, and a careers advisory service.

Durgan said: We're not looking for a transactional relationship as the market has changed quite substantially in terms of the jobs and the profile of candidates.

In terms of advertising, Durgan added that BNB aims to use its brains not its wallet, giving the example of the fcuk campaign that brought the struggling French Connection brand back into the mainstream.