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Register Now for the InHouse Summit 2021 Virtual Summit

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the InHouse Summit 2021 Virtual Event! On 12 October we will be hosting a dedicated one-day interactive Virtual Summit, which will bring our proven and popular mix of learning, conversations, networking, and technology to a virtual InHouse Recruiter audience.

This virtual summit will offer recruiters the opportunity to hear research, advice, and case studies from a wide range of recruitment speakers by watching seminars and through joining our breakout rooms. In these sessions visitors will be able to meet and debate, discussing their recruitment successes and concerns in curated conversations, which will give them the opportunity to share insights, experiences, and tips.

There will also be some lively conversations curated by some of our speakers hosting group conversations with attendees. And as Chatham House rules will apply everyone can share their own thoughts and perspectives with other.

We are delighted to welcome recruiting software platform iCIMS as our platform sponsors for this event. Fresh from acquiring Altru Labs, which enabling them to add employee-generated video storytelling to their offering, they will be running a session in which their CTO, Al Smith, talks about integrating AI into your recruiting system to reduce bias and increase efficiency, also enabling you to reduce time to hire.

Our overall event gold sponsor is Talent Acquisition suite providers SmartRecruiters (fresh from becoming the latest HR Technology unicorn) whose hiring success director Tony de Graf will share the tactical talent acquisition strategies that can help you hire the talent you need, whilst delivering ROI for the business. We are also pleased to welcome our media partners Recruitment & Employment Confederation, Institute of Student Employers, OnRec and Recruiter Magazine.

Autumn 2021 is proving to be an important time for recruiters. The much anticipated ‘Great Resignation’ has started happening for real, leaving organisations with increasing numbers of roles to fill.

Whilst candidates look for an improved work/life balance through remote or hybrid working, they also want regular communication and feedback during the application process, and for their skills and capabilities to be properly assessed. They want development and challenges in their next role, not more of the same. Meanwhile recruiters need to understand how and where to find the skills their business’s need, whilst helping hiring managers to understand the complexities of the post-pandemic recruitment market.

Help will be at hand from our seminar speakers. You can hear a fascinating, and topical, session from Sophie Lowe of Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust as she explains how they were able to recruit, train, and retain a brand-new workforce from scratch for the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Neil Carberry from media partners REC, will focus on the new jobs market, and the issues UK business faces in hiring skills and attracting workers.

Philip Willson from the Cabinet Office will tell us how they have responded to the COVID-19 challenges by creating a fully virtual and engaging assessment experience for candidates using multimedia assessments which has helped them maintain the flow of diverse talent. He will also offer his perspective on the future of assessments based on what they have learned. Employee referrals are now very much a part of the recruiter’s attraction strategy, and David Brammer, Head of Talent at MindGym, will share how their referral programme has been an effective tool for Talent Acquisitions teams, and offer advice for driving higher quality referrals without increasing the rewards.

With an eye on the emerging workforce, Stephen Isherwood from Institute of Student Employers will talk about how businesses can attract the graduates and apprentices they need while Jack Houghton, whose business Half Full helps organisations reach young and student workers through social media, will share some of the latest insights and strategies on how to attract and engage Gen Z, whilst also exploring the importance of a social purpose in building trust with the emerging workforce. Aidan Healy from Lexxic, who specialise in empowering neurodiversity in the workplace, will explore how businesses miss out on skilled people by failing to embrace neurodiversity, and he will offer practical insights and strategies to incorporate into your recruitment lifecycle.

Laura Pettitt, Global Head of Talent at OB Talent, discusses how our attitude to work may have changed over the last year or so, hence the importance of attracting for culture fit and ensuring that new hires succeed through enjoying what they do. With attraction so important to the recruitment agenda, Andrew Platt-Higgins and Chris Heron will demonstrate their own framework for structuring a streamlined, and cost effective, EVP and Employer Brand activation programme.

We believe that the InHouse Summit 2021 Virtual Event offers recruiters all the opportunities they need to learn, connect, engage, share, and plan their strategies…all from the comfort of their own homes or offices! You can’t afford to miss out. Registration is now open, and you can begin choosing the seminars and breakout sessions that you need to be a part of to help address your recruiting challenges over the next few months.

We look forward to seeing you there…virtually, of course!

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