Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Qwiz releases first network testing solution


Qwiz has launched, Qwiz LS (Local Server), which now gives UK companies the option of hosting testing software within the safety of their own network firewalls.

Clients will still be able to access Qwizís full portfolio of products, but will have the added flexibility of choosing their preferred deployment method.

Robert Stephens, senior VP and chief technology officer of Qwiz, comments: ìWe found that while clients loved our online solution, Qwiz Online, some were unable to take full advantage of accessing Qwiz via the internet, due to company security protocol, and needed an ëofflineí solution. With Qwiz LS, clients can now deliver our assessments through a single workstation or across their own networkî.

Mark Banghart, Information Technology Specialist of the EmploymentGroup, adds: ìWe were very excited about the server aspect of Qwiz LS, because itís easier to administer, and managing upgrades and adding assessments is also much easier. Clients are able to download software and content updates via the Internet, ensuring they have the most current version.î

Kurt Ballard, Qwiz senior VP and chief marketing officer, says:ìWe listened to our clients and responded to their requests with Qwiz LS. This software offers the same portfolio of tests as our ground-breaking ASP Qwiz Online, via shared technology unique in our industry. Now, clients have the best of both deployment options for content, back-up and security.î

Qwiz LS features additional benefits including
Up-Sync capabilities allowing clients to submit and retrieve score data and comparisons from company specific test sessions or the vast database of all related Qwiz results. This greatly enhances the frame of reference for decision makers to accelerate their selection and advancement processes.