Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Quick Guide to Pursuing a Career in the iGaming Sector

As far as careers in the gambling sector are concerned much of the focus has been on the massive brick-and-mortar casinos in places like Las Vegas, Nevada and Macau.

Considering how lucrative those opportunities can be, it is easy to see why they are such a big deal. However, in the modern world, even online casinos which are the fastest-growing gambling verticals are full of jaw-dropping career opportunities. Some iGaming experts with decades of experience in the industry, like the ones at review and rate the best US casinos constantly, and can be of big help in finding the best opportunities.

Not many people have the financial capabilities to start their own online casinos. This does not mean that they cannot themselves be valuable assets to existing iGaming businesses. Whether you enjoy gambling or not, there is something that can be very exciting about building a career around online gambling.

That said, if you are on the lookout for a job or are considering a career change the iGaming industry offers a range of jobs. We did some digging to find a few that many job seekers interested in online gambling can pursue. They include:

Live Dealing

A simple search for "best online casino USA" brings up several casino sites that offer live dealer games to their customers. Being a live dealer is already a very lucrative job at brick-and-mortar casinos. For some time, the job was only available at those venues but things have since changed. Dealers can also now apply for jobs at the gaming studios of iGaming operators. The average salary is very decent and some dealers even get to walk away with even more amounts in tips.

It is worth noting that being a live dealer at an iGaming site can be very stressful. Most of these sites promise 24/7 gaming which might lead to long gaming shifts. This is often remedied by having a team of live dealers who can switch during shifts. The best thing about the job is that minimal training is required and most times there is no need for more formal education outside of the dealer school.

Programming and Graphic Design

Software development or engineering is generally a very lucrative field. While it does require extensive training, practice or some experience, it often pays off handsomely. The massive demand for online casino games has also increased operator need for talent. Programmers and designers are vital in the development of the outstanding online casino experiences that we get to enjoy today.

It is also a great option for anyone who prefers to work remotely. That will, of course, depend on how liberal the operator is when it comes to that kind of flexibility. All in all, if you know a thing or two about designing games, online gambling could be offer you a chance to show off those skills.

Interestingly, it goes beyond just programming and design as there are other related jobs that techies could love. These include casino network administration, security, and SEO.

Customer Support

Nothing is perfect. This also applies to the online casinos that we know and love. Something is always certainly bound to go wrong. Sometimes, the players may just have questions or need some clarification. In those cases, having access to reliable support services is very important.

Being a customer support representative is not the easiest of jobs at online casinos. It is, however, a solid option for people with the right expertise. The requirements vary from one operator to the next but they are generally very reasonable. Also, while the pay may be at an entry-level, customer service can be a lucrative part-time engagement for you.


Online casinos are one of the biggest consumers of marketing services, especially in the digital space. They spend millions of dollars on ensuring that they can reach as many gamers as possible. For anyone with some marketing skills or a decent following on various social platforms.

Working directly as a marketing professional in an online gambling company can be very profitable. Alternatively, marketers or even influencers can get paid to advertise or promote various online casinos. This must be done responsibly, of course. Requirements for marketing opportunities have evolved significantly and now they usually vary depending on the target market. You can be a content writer, a video creator or even a casino reviewer. Whichever way it is done, the potential of turning this into a long-term career is huge.

Keeping An Open Mind

One thing that we love about the online casino sector is how dynamic it is. Often it changes for the better. This usually means more and better opportunities for lots of people. Today, even online gambling itself can be a career on its own. A great example of this is the professional poker players who often participate in tournaments with massive prize pools.

At the end of the day, there is a diverse range of skills that can be useful to online casino operators. Aside from the jobs we have mentioned, there is the chance to figure out how your skills can useful. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!