Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Psychometric Assessment Online - 03/2000 Built Using MERANT Egility

One of the first Web-based competency and personality assessment screening services, has just been built using MERANT Egility solutions for Psychometric Services Ltd (PSL).

PSL selected the cost effective MERANT Egility solution to take its psychometric assessment screening service to the Web, ensuring a reliable and easy to use site for clients and job candidates.

MERANT was the natural choice for this project based on their expertise and track record in delivering successful e-business solutions, said Richard Alberg, CEO at PSL.
Putting our pyschometric questionnaires on the Web is more than building a Web front end. In involves creation of new applications and integration with our existing systems and MERANT understands the e-business application development process better than anybody, concluded Alberg.

The site will include management options for companies to select questionnaires and customise as required, deliver the back end administration required to score and filter responses, determine pass and fail options, define personal details, run reports, e-mail candidates, support a campaign helpline and more.