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Pros and Cons of being a live casino dealer

Undoubtedly, every casino enthusiast has seen live casino dealers – they look flawless in extreme close-ups and seem as happy as a jackpot-winner. On top of that, the job of live dealers does not seem to involve anything beyond playing casino games.

Without a doubt, live dealers’ job seems like the perfect one, but is it really so? Is it really enough to like casino games and look flawless from all angles to be a live casino dealer? To find out, read the report on live dealer games from

Responsibilities of live casino dealers

Before focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of being a live dealer, let us pay attention to the responsibilities of live dealer casinos. Contrary to common belief, looking good and liking casino games does not make for a good casino croupier. Apart from this, dealers should also be friendly and incredibly polite in order to make clients comfortable.

Another thing to take into account is that live dealers must be dedicated to entertaining people. But that is not all – live dealers should be able to focus on the game regardless of any distractions. Furthermore, live dealers should be able to handle stress appropriately.

Last, but not least, live dealers should be sociable. So, if you are an introvert, you might want to avoid this industry.

Pros of being a live casino dealer

One of the main advantages of being a live casino dealer is that the job does not require as much maths skills – with live casinos, it is the computer that does the math and not the dealer. Secondly, live dealers boast a very high income – it is common for a dealer to make more than $100,000 a year at a reputable casino.

It should also be noted that being a live casino dealer requires minimum education. Believe it or not, croupiers are trained in just a week or two. What is more, live dealers who are a part of a big and reputable casino get incredible benefits. Most high-quality casinos offer their personnel medical benefits, bonuses, etc. Some establishments go as far as offer tuition reimbursement for college classes, related to the casino industry.

Additionally, most live casinos work 24 hours 7 days a week, which allows live dealers to work any shift they like. On top of that, taking time off tends to be very easy.

Finally, live dealers can get tips, which is a great advantage. If you have played at a live casino, you undoubtedly know that players can elect tips to the live dealer, just like at a brick-and-mortar establishment. Further, as you might know, a dealer’s pay relies heavily on tips, so it is always advantageous to work hard and earn higher tips.

Cons of being a live dealer

Of course, being a live casino dealer is not a bed of roses – if it was, everyone would want to be a live dealer. So, what are the disadvantages of being a live dealer?

To begin with, live dealers (and all other types of dealers) usually have to start with a minimum salary. But do not expect that salary to rise that much over time – as mentioned above, a dealer’s pay relies heavily on tips (about 50 to 80% of a dealer’s salary is based on tips).

Second of all, in order to work as a live casino dealer, you will probably have to take a croupier training course, which will not be paid by the casino. Croupier training courses’ fees usually amount to about $500 for blackjack; if you want to learn a more complicated game like roulette, you will have to pay more.

Croupier training courses’ fees usually amount to about $500 for blackjack and before you chuck in your hard earned cash you should check out what the job actually entails by watching some gameplay at these live dealer blackjack sites

Believe it or not, some countries will not allow you to become a live dealer unless you have a license. In countries like the UK, for example, croupiers need to hold a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Again, you will probably have to pay for that license by yourself.

In addition, being a live dealer requires flawless appearance – as mentioned, live dealers have to good look from all angles, even in extreme close-ups.