Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Professional Gambler: a realistic career choice?

A professional gambler lifestyle, as portrayed by Hollywood movies and commercials, is quite attractive.

However, being one goes beyond dressing like James Bond, drinking exotic wine, staying in 5-star hotels and other luxurious livings associated with pro gamblers. Thanks to technology, new-gen gamblers can spare those expenses for a bigger bankroll in the best online casinos on the internet. Whether you prefer the thrill of a physical casino or the convenience of an online casino, making a consistent living from gambling takes much more than wishful thinking. While gambling can be quite lucrative if you cracked the code, making consistent winning requires a pragmatic approach. Saying that, let's see if living a lifestyle of your dream as a punter is possible and how.

What is the size of your bankroll?

Every gambler at one time has thought of turning pennies to millions in prizes. But you stand a better chance of being struck by a thunder than playing and wishing for that earth-shattering wins. Right here is what stands out the approximately 10 per cent gamblers from the rest. Every professional gambler understands the bankroll is the lifeblood of his 'business.'

Your resilience and how much risk you can stomach are functions of your bankroll. While lady luck is still the most deciding factor in gambling, you need to make yourself attractive to attract the smile of the lady luck. The good news is fortune can sometimes favor those with a lean bankroll. But the bad news it seldom happens. It mostly favors the bold and resilient with huge bankroll - those that can withstand cold losing streaks while waiting for the big break. So, the key here is to grow your bankroll before venturing into gambling professionally. 

Know your required skill set and learn

As strange as it might sound, gambling skills do not end at the gaming table or picking great odds. It requires essential skills such as record keeping, money management, time management, emotional control, analytical skills and other skills you need in everyday job.

Now let's move to the skills needed for actual gambling. Here is where many wannabe professional gamblers get it all wrong. They find it difficult to differentiate between a game of chance and a game of skill. The hard truth is that it is almost impossible to win consistently, in the long run, playing a game of chance. These games are designed for the house to win and for you to lose. It is not uncommon to be on a winning streak on games such as roulette, crap or slot but the math and odds are stacked up against you except you master the art of cheating. And that can get you banned quickly as the house always comes on top, in the long run. 

Games of skill are the ones you can control the outcome to some extent. Though luck factor is always involved, playing a bet equipped with the right skill strategy or knowledge helps reduce the variance. Games in this category include Blackjack, Poker, Backgammon, Spades, Esports and Sports betting. You stand a better chance of going professional on these games.

Switching between casual gambling and professional gambling: The Time factor

One major pro of gambling at a professional level is the freedom to pick your time of work. As a casual gambler, you can play in your spare time, probably after leaving your day job. But becoming good at it requires a full-hearted dedication. The Walker Brothers, Gavin and Alex, who made an enviable fortune from sports betting, spend a good part of their days watching 4 to 5 games. And the rest is perfecting their strategies and placing bets.

Like most legal and lucrative sources of income, becoming a successful pro gambler is most times a long and slow process. It is foolhardy to jump from casual to professional gambling. Unlike everyday jobs, you have the liberty of choosing your working hours but must be ready to put in a long haul. If you are still working at a 9-5, the wise step will be switch carefully and slowly. It brings us to the question, how many hours can you spare mastering relevant gambling skills by playing in a real money casino while keeping your current job? 

Final thought for aspiring professional

If you are keen about becoming a pro gambler, the importance of your bankroll cannot be overestimated. Get a job that will pave the way for your dream, if you don't have an income source already. Browsing through a reputable online recruitment portal for a high paying job that also spares you some free time to perfect your gambling skills is a pretty good start.  Who knows, you might be on your way to becoming the next Phil Ivey, who won the biggest online cash game and worth over $23million.