Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Pertemps Recruits Website Visitor Intelligence Specialist


Pertemps, the UK''s largest independent recruitment company, has appointed a UK website visitor intelligence specialist to help identify and resolve problems in its online strategy.

Site Intelligence has installed its VBIS (Visitor Behaviour Information System) product to track and monitor the behaviour of Pertemps'' website visitors.

John Smith, IT director of Pertemps, commented: VBIS has been chosen by Pertemps as the best of several systems we evaluated. It provides website visitor intelligence based on visitor''s browsing patterns, enabling us to
gain an understanding of what is attracting each group.

Unlike basic website analytics packages which only provide technical information, VBIS provides genuine marketing insight into the behaviour of online visitors.

Using VBIS enables Pertemps to identify those areas of the site that prove to be of little value to registering candidates thereby allowing their website engineers to refine and improve those areas of the site which need

John Smith continued: We are now able to understand our visitors'' site tactics 100 per cent better and are responding to the wants and needs of our most valuable visitors by improving the site with them in mind.

We are also concentrating on attracting more of the right people to the site, therefore boosting the profile of the Pertemps organisation.

VBIS is invaluable to our overall Customer Relationship Management strategy, as it integrates with our customer databases, enabling us to cross- reference online and offline customer data.

John Woods, chief executive of Site Intelligence, commented: It is great to be working with such a forward thinking company. Instead of implementing a
website and hoping for the best, as many businesses do, they have chosen to measure their site performance in detail and are already reaping rewards of improved performance.