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Personal Group Announces New Carer’s Leave and Pay Policy

Personal Group announces their Carer’s Leave and Pay policy, effective April 2024, offering up to five days of paid leave to eligible employees from day 1 of employment

Personal Group, a leading provider of workplace benefits and services, is thrilled to unveil its latest initiative to support employees facing the dual challenges of caregiving and maintaining their professional commitments. Effective April 2024, Personal Group’s new Carer’s Leave and Pay policy reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to prioritising the health and wellbeing of its workforce.

In response to the ever-changing workplace landscape and in line with recent Government legislation, Personal Group has introduced the Carer’s Leave and Pay policy. This initiative, affectionately named Marie Carey's Carers Policy after a long-serving employee advocated for the requirement following her own challenging circumstances, offers eligible employees up to one week of leave within a rolling 12-month period to attend to caregiving responsibilities.

While statutory regulations mandate unpaid leave for caregivers, Personal Group recognises the financial strains often experienced by employees in such situations. In a bid to provide comprehensive support, the company is proud to announce that under its new policy, caregivers will be entitled to up to five days of paid leave within a rolling 12-month period from Day 1 of employment.

This initiative marks yet another milestone in Personal Group’s journey as an Employer of Choice, underscoring its unwavering commitment to supporting employees through various life stages. By implementing the Carer’s Leave and Pay policy, Personal Group aims to alleviate the challenges faced by caregivers while creating a workplace culture that values inclusivity and empathy.

Commenting on the initiative, Marie Carey, Operational Risk and Compliance Manager at Personal Group, expressed her gratitude, stating, “As the sole carer for my 93-year-old Mum who was diagnosed with dementia in 2021, some of my annual leave was used up on her medical appointments. This additional allowance will enable me to use my holiday for what it is intended, to have some much-needed ‘me’ time. I am sure that I speak on behalf of myself and my colleagues who have caring responsibilities, when I say how extremely grateful I am for this support.”

Personal Group’s Chief People Officer, Claire Harbord, reiterated the company’s dedication to creating a supportive work environment, stating, “With Britain’s aging population, it’s clear that many people are increasingly finding themselves juggling caregiving duties alongside many other work and personal challenges, highlighting the necessity for robust support mechanisms within the workplace. We wanted to go one step further than the Government legislation, so we are delighted to offer even more holistic support by providing paid leave to eligible employees from Day 1 of their employment.”

Marie Carey concludes: “Working for an employee benefits company, you'd expect their benefits to be exceptional. At Personal Group, exceptional is an understatement!”

Marie Carey’s sentiment echoes those of numerous colleagues who have shared their appreciation for the company's responsiveness to their needs.

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