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Peabody Housing Association hires better candidates with ISV.Online

Peabody Housing Association is one of the oldest and largest housing associations across London and the South East.

It provides supported housing services for people with a wide range of needs across London, Essex and the South. This includes those with mental health issues, complex needs, and learning disabilities as well as vulnerable young people and the homeless.

They have started using ISV.Online’s skills testing to continue assessing candidates remotely.

Clive Hennessy, Client Success Manager at Ikiru People, has spoken with Naomi Thomas, Resourcing Business Partner at Peabody Housing Association, to learn more about how ISV.Online helps to hire better candidates first time for the housing association.

How well does the product work?

Naomi Thomas: The product meets the requirements for our recruitment needs. It has been useful to have the option to assess potential candidates remotely, especially since the pandemic forced us to adapt to the new reality.

How easy is the product to use?

Naomi Thomas: ISV.Online skills assessments are easy to use and pretty straightforward. Setting up the candidate profiles and assigning content can be done quickly and efficiently. Candidates also experience very few issues with the system which certainly makes us look good in their eyes.

How are the stability and the speed of the product?

Naomi Thomas: ISV.Online is very reliable. We have not experienced any issues with the product or service provided.

Has ISV positively impacted your productivity and ability to assess people better?

Naomi Thomas: Yes, most definitely. With ISV, we are able to assess multiple candidates at the same time and offer fair comparisons for the hiring managers to consider. It is convenient to have a system that scores the tests and provides the results as percentiles. The product is inexpensive. A good price for the number of candidates we are able to assess so we get great value for money.

Would you recommend ISV?

Naomi Thomas: Yes, definitely!

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