Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Organize Important Business Papers with These Simple Steps

Proper organization is one of the most critical parts of any business

If a company is not organized, it is bound to fail. Mistakes in filing paperwork can lead to enormous problems for a company. For example, if a form is misfiled and cannot be found, it could cause an error that would necessitate costly rework or delay payment cycles for invoices and legal claims. Nevertheless, many companies needlessly struggle with the efficient origination of vital documents. By following a few steps, you can improve your employees' workflow and, in the process, take on more business.

Create a Filing System

To get started, you should create a filing system for your files. You should arrange them into several categories, such as correspondence, bills, shipping, warranties, policies, etc. The best way to organize your paperwork is by using hanging folders that you can attach to a filing cabinet or a shelf. Once you have established which documents are the most important for everyday use, you can move these to the front and pace the less vital ones at the back. This type of organization is a fantastic method to speed up the acquisition of essential files. By speeding up this process, you will enable your staff to take on more tasks without overloading them.

Creating a system to store documentation also extends to digital storage. If your company is large enough to have its central database, you must ensure that everyone understands how it works and is permitted to store and access files. A messy database is just as inefficient and a disordered filing cabinet.

Use Online Services

Having reams of paperwork can be detrimental to the smooth running of a business. The cost to the company might be felt from misplaced physical copies of contracts and agreements that can seriously impact your trustworthiness. Using online services, including contract management software, accounting software, and payroll management systems, you will be better positioned to centralize all the information you need and see who is accessing what and when they are doing it. Having a central location to store and access your files is a tremendous time-saver and has the added advantage of being secure.

Train Personnel

If you leave your staff to their own devices and allow them to file documentation the way they want, often you'll find that the result looks messy. By having systems of filing and paperwork organization in place and training them in a standardized procedure, you will ensure that productivity is maintained. This is particularly true when you employ new staff as existing staff will advise them on how things are performed.

You Don't Need To Print Everything

Many companies are still in the mindset that all digital correspondence must be printed and filed away. This might be required for some specific types of business, notably with law firms; however, most enterprises don't need to print everything. The very nature of having things online means that they will be accessible when needed. It can be a redundant exercise to print anything and everything, only resulting in lost productivity and a lot of waste paper. The biggest culprits are usually memos and company newsletters. These are blindly printed and then promptly binned after use, causing a considerable amount of waste. The main takeaway is that if you can read something online, it is better to keep it there.

Dispose of Unused Papers

Getting rid of paperwork that is no longer needed can free up an enormous amount of space and keeps things moving along. By controlling every last piece of paper, you run the risk of jamming up workflow and causing headaches for everyone else. The simplest solution to get this done is to have an industrial shredder. A shredder will keep waste to a minimum and ensure that any critical information is correctly destroyed.

Give Everything A Place And Put Everything In Its Place

If you give all team members the proper storage to file paperwork or store documents until needed, you will have a happy office! It is sometimes overlooked, but by giving your staff localized storage areas that mimic the more comprehensive office storage, you will make matters easier to control and give your team the means to properly file business paperwork away.

When you run your own business, you have to be prepared for all kinds of paperwork to come your way. As a small-business owner, it's up to you to create a filing system that will keep track of all this paperwork so that you can stay organized and on track. Effective business paperwork management will help you stay prepared for any amount of paperwork that comes your way. It will make sure that your paperwork is always organized and accessible.