Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Oracon Launches - 09/2000

IT Contractor Site Developed

Leading Swiss contracting company Oracon has launched Geared towards the IT contracting market, the site is highly automated and aimed at reducing time required to source candidates. Details of relevant candidates, and those interested in opportunities are passed directly to employers by email ñ reducing the time needed to be spent online. These candidates are ranked according to suitability ñ and employers can choose whose CV they wish to view.

Topcontracts is to operate Europe wide. Philip Payne, founder of Oracon commented ìFor years, contractors have complained about the difficulties they face when dealing with agencies and companies have resented the large commissions charged by the agency. removes the need for the middle man and allows contractors to deal direct with companies, negotiating fees and timescales without any misunderstanding or chargeî.