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Online recruitment on the rise in eastern europe - 12/2000


Among the top ten most popular Czech Internet sites, three types of services prevail: portals, news servers and free mail services combined with virtual communities.

The only notable exception is Jobs.cz, a service designed to assist employers with their hiring needs and help applicants post their resumes and search for new jobs.

Jobs.cz, the first and largest online recruitment service operating in the Czech republic and Slovakia, collects and posts job notices from employers as well as offerings from the people interested in and qualified for a particular position. The system works in both Czech and English languages, though the English service is still slightly limited.

On the basic level, the service is designed to find matching offerings from employers and employees and establish direct contact between them.

Recent enhancements enable any user of the site to create and activate his or her own robot-a software agent that actively looks for appropriate jobs or employees. Agents can be activated and de-activated, archived, or mutually combined. They report results of their search via e-mail periodically.

Besides Czech and Slovak locations, there is both supply and demand for work in Russia. Czech and Slovak residents, who often speak fluent Russian, may be a natural choice for Western companies hiring staff for their Russian subsidiaries.