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No tea making for graduates - 12/2000

Economic growth fuels demand

There has been a stark contrast in the attitude of this year's crop of graduates toward prospective employers, according to specialist recruitment consultancy Media Contacts.

Compared to graduates leaving university 3 or 4 years ago, when most job seekers looked for a job from the standpoint of 'What can I offer a potential employer?' These days the general stance is 'What can a potential employer offer me?'

Jessica Beattie, head of the graduate division, says this marked change in attitude is a direct result of the sustained period of economic growth, fuelling demand for graduate trainee, which has outstripped the supply despite growing numbers leaving higher educationî.

Students graduating this year saw themselves entering a buoyant job market, with a lot of opportunities and numerous options available to them. Three or four years ago, there were less opportunities and most graduates felt they were up against a much higher level of competition from their peers looking for their first job.