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News International Launch Job Board - 06/2000

Revolver.com Brand Set To Hit Market With Free Advert Business Model

News International, renowned publisher of leading papers such as the Times has launched Revolver.com. The site, which went live on 5 June is generalist in nature and aimed at the whole of the UK. This is not the only difference to the offerings of other publishing players in the market such as BigBluedog (Evening Standard Group) and Fish4Jobs. The site, rather than simply reprinting adverts from the papers, will be a separate brand and revenue stream in itself. Both employers and recruitment agents will be able to place adverts online free of charge, and advertisers in the papers will be put online free as a matter of course.

Revenue will be generated in the main part via a ìrisk freeî pay for results model. CVs delivered to advertisers will incur a charge. This is a big difference to established players such as Monster and Stepstone which it is thought, Revolver will be going up against. Speaking to Online Recruitment, Michelle Hackworthy, Business Development Director of Revolver commented: ìThe difference between us and the majority of major players is the business model. Most charge a fee to list a job, whereas we will take payment by resultsî.

Revolver.com has already engaged in an
aggressive direct mail marketing campaign.