Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New wellbeing platform - empowering UK employers and staff

An international wellbeing platform that helps employers manage employee work life balance has launched in the UK.

YoopiesAtWork says it is new, innovative, impactful and the only company to offer creative and flexible solutions that not only manage employee wellbeing and work life balance, but also helps to attract and retain talent and ease the daily burdens upon HR professionals.

And, in light of a recent survey by OnePoll1, which highlighted Brits work on average an additional ten hours per week - 60 per cent of which will do so for free - this initiative goes a long way to ensuring employee wellbeing is dramatically improved. The survey suggested that both financial and personal wellbeing are severely impacted.

In addition, it redresses the equality imbalance when it comes to supporting parents in the UK workplace.

Benjamin Suchar, CEO and founder of YoopiesAtWork, said: “We combine equality, community and affordability through a social platform that can be customised, and branded, to the needs of the company and its workforce.

“It’s available to every single employee anywhere in the UK, colleague recommendations help peers to find trustworthy care and build up a strong workplace community and as we are not an agency, we ensure direct bookings are much more affordable.

“Furthermore, in response to the Government removing its childcare voucher scheme, employers can fund childcare coupons for its staff. And, while the gender pay gap continues to court headlines, this goes some way towards empowering employers by giving them greater opportunities for the parents they employ.

“In 2018, bureaucracy shouldn’t restrict a person’s right to work.”

Parents are able to create a detailed advert outlining their requirements, which in turn sends a notification to the top five per cent of previously vetted sitters. Within just ten minutes, they receive a response with details of the available sitters, allowing them to chose the most suitable and book directly through the website or the downloadable app.

For businesses and HR professionals, there is promotional materials and quarterly reporting available to make their job much easier also.

Tailor-made communications supports the launch of the service along with posters, user guides and information screens. Businesses can then adapt this to ensure staff are kept up-to-date with regular newsletters, emails and webinars.

Each quarter, HR professionals receive a detailed report, which allows them to support a mix of care policies that reflect the needs of their employees at different stages of their lives.

Benjamin added: “If a parent is pre-occupied with managing childcare they are not productive, and our studies and data suggest single parents need particular support here, with almost one and a half more single parents likely to require ‘one-off’ care than couples. This affects wellbeing and ultimately, productivity.

“We have witnessed improved efficiency, loyalty and motivation with companies such as SAP, Disney, Air France and BNP Paribas amongst others. And, a productive environment tends to produce a happy and retained workforce.”

YoopiesAtWork currently partners with more than 60 companies and leading brands across Europe. It is built upon the success of Yoopies, a consumer platform, which has more than three million active users that want a hassle-free, easy-to-use childcare and wellbeing solution.

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