Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New Survey Shows Reporting Key to Successful Recruitment – But Many Companies Still Not Using Latest Reporting Tools or Even Reporting at All

A new survey from Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, leading supplier of cloud-based online recruitment systems, found that 80% of recruitment managers said that the ability to report on recruitment campaigns was important to them. However, 68% of those surveyed were still managing their reporting using either Excel or another manual method, while 21% didn’t report at all.

Only 11% of those surveyed were using an effective method of reporting via their Applicant Tracking Software, even though, according to the survey, most organisations say that accurate reporting is essential to ensure efficient and productive recruitment.   

Vacancy Filler interviewed over 50 in-house recruiters across a range of industries to discover exactly what was key to them when planning their recruitment strategy.    

When asked what was the most important information overall required in order for hiring managers to do their job effectively, they responded as follows:-

  • Source of best candidates (35%);
  • Cost per hire (13%);
  • Advert response summary 10%.

Interestingly, the survey found that hiring managers believe that some of those recruitment processes deemed the most important to report on are also the most difficult on which to produce accurate data. 

Although most recruiters want to use reports in order to adapt their recruitment process, others also need to produce them to prove they are adhering to rules and regulations.  For the public sector, for example, the ability to provide an Equality and Diversity summary is important in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, said, “Some companies are still approaching the acquisition of candidates blind, hoping for the best and without analysing what has worked and why and what hasn’t.   Successful recruiters are those who look back on previous campaigns and forensically dissect the information from reports to underpin their future decision making on the best routes to take to secure the best candidates.

To enable in-house recruiters to make educated decisions on their strategies, accurate reporting is essential.  Having the capacity to create reports on job board efficiency, the source of best candidates or cost per hire for instance, gives clarity to the hiring process and allows HR managers to adapt the recruitment process accordingly.”