Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New Survey from Vacancy Filler Finds Job Market Increasingly Candidate-Driven

Branding Vital to Recruiting the Best Candidates.

A new survey from Vacancy Filler,  leading supplier of cloud-based, online recruitment systems, has revealed that almost half of  job applicants interviewed for the survey said that if a careers page and website were difficult to navigate or looked outdated, they would look elsewhere for a job.

The survey, which covered a wide range of sectors, examined how candidates search for and apply for roles, the negative effects of poor communication and the impact of a poor careers page and concluded that businesses need to treat candidates in the same way in which they interact with their customers.

The survey found that out of the candidates asked, 66% stated that a difficult to navigate careers page would negatively impact their impression of a company.  And 64% of candidates asked expected to be able to apply for roles online.  Other findings include:-

  • 49% of candidates stated they would boycott a company if they had a bad experience in applying for a job with them. 
  • 86% of candidates said it was important to them to receive confirmation that their applications had been received. 
  • 76% of candidates consulted job boards in order to find a new position.
  • 84% were more likely to apply for a post where job duties were clearly defined.
  • 67% would tell others of a bad recruitment experience.

Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler, said, “The job market, despite some post-referendum economic uncertainty, is now candidate-driven.   The expectations and demands of candidates have grown, and the most successful businesses are starting to respond by prioritising the creation of a competitive online presence and an effective online recruiter brand; at the forefront of this is the company website and careers page.  As most candidates turn to the internet first as a means of job hunting, it is important to make the best first impression as it could be the only opportunity to win individuals over.”

The company found that while careers pages should show current vacancies, it is almost more important to show the benefits of working for the company, the culture and the values.

Tony continued, “Much like online shopping allows customers to purchase items at their convenience, even on their mobile phones, job applications should always be available to candidates.   A fully optimised careers site is essential, especially in capturing passive candidates. Candidates are often also customers; it is common for this to be the reason that has brought them to apply in the first place, which makes it essential not to alienate them by creating a poor candidate experience.”

The survey found that those candidates that feel offended by any part of the recruitment process will boycott companies as a means of retaliation and will lose any loyalty that they previously had.  In addition, notification that job applications have been received is now a given, while a personalised rejection to a job application can even instil loyalty in a candidate.

Click here to download a full copy of the survey results.