Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New security platform to fight AI-based cyber attacks

Extended detection and response service will fight fire with fire

Cybersecurity specialist OryxAlign has launched securyXDR, a fully managed extended detection and response (XDR) platform. An advanced form of antivirus and malware management, the system is part of a solution that will address the expected rise in sophisticated AI-phishing attacks. It will be valuable for SMEs, or those with a hybrid and remote workforce, across sectors including recruitment, financial services, legal and more.

Traditionally, antivirus systems have operated in silos, being limited to detecting and responding to threats on individual devices, or endpoints. The solution was previously Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). With the rise in hybrid and remote working, and the reliance on networked storage and cloud-based workflows, there is now a need for visibility of threats across a company’s entire IT ecosystem.

“In 2023, we expect to see a sharp rise in sophisticated AI-based phishing attacks, as well as endpoint attacks on remote and hybrid workers. The criminals’ focus may change to SMEs as they are believed to have weaker security,” explained Nathan Charles, head of customer experience. “But because we combine our XDR platform with EDR and email management we can fight fire with fire.

“securyXDR is our new cybersecurity XDR platform that is offered as a fully managed service, in partnership with an outsourced security operation centre (SOC) that has 200 staff globally,” continued Charles. “Given that even small networks can generate tens of thousands of cybersecurity alerts a day, the securyXDR managed service will alleviate the pressure on internal IT teams, taking them away from manually triaging and responding to individual threats, and focusing on more productive projects.

“We know that the loss of productivity following a cyberattack can be just as devastating as the initial damage to your IT system. The cost of having an XDR system in place will more than pay for itself in the long run, by providing early detection of threats. What’s more, SOCs are uniquely positioned to respond to threats, by applying their broad learning from a high-volume of attacks across their managed networks.”

securyXDR from OryxAlign stands out from other enterprise XDR platforms by offering customisable service plans based on customer needs. For example, users can select how long log files are stored to minimise storage costs, choose custom restore points for compromised endpoints, and set their choice of response urgency, typically from one to three hours.

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