Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New Recruitment Technology is FIRST to Decipher ‘Deeper’ Human Personality Traits in Real Time via Subliminal Facial Expressions

Sophisticated technology can tell LIVE during job interviews, if people are lying, disagreeing, curious, judgmental, passionate or nervous

Human, pioneer in Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), has developed new ground breaking software that has the ability to read candidates subliminal facial expressions live during job interviews and convert these into a range of emotions and specific characteristic traits in real time.  The innovative software is ideally placed to support the recruitment process and is the first of its kind, taking AEI and facial recognition a step further into the dynamic realms of characteristic detection. 

Going deeper than simply deciphering human emotion, Human’s patent pending software goes beyond that using partial facial recognition, robust camera angles and state-of-the-art pixelated raw data to reveal typical personality traits.  Having been developed internally by world leading data scientists, Human’s technology provides advanced levels of unbiased insight to help companies make better and more informed recruitment decisions. From employing the right person for the job, to selecting the best ‘cultural fit’ for the team, the highly accurate technology minimises human bias and provides a level of intelligence previously unattainable.

Yi Xu, CEO and Founder at Human explains: “Traditionally the interview and subsequent recruitment process has always been a bit of a gamble. Interviewers judge people on their own benchmark, which can differ from person to person and from day to day. We want to minimise the human bias in this process and more importantly, the discrimination. Imagine you don’t know who the candidate is behind the video interview – age, gender or race doesn’t matter. You screen candidates based on the personality traits (or the big five personality traits of your choice: passion, honesty, confidence, outgoing, stress, reaction etc.) Our software adds another cost effective dimension to the interview process and another layer of certainty to businesses with supporting data.”

Using raw video footage here, Human’s technology is able to tell us live in real time what a person is feeling as well as give us insight into certain personality traits which can be used to predict human behaviour.  Check out the results of this video:

Xu continues: “Using the power of deeper-rooted technology that not only looks at how someone is feeling at that point in time, but also at what kind of person they are, will allow businesses much greater insight into individual human behavioural traits which can be used to great advantage when selecting the right person for the job.”

Human’s technology can also support candidate analysis, employee retention, and cultural fit with unbiased data backing.