Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New HR Study: How Recruiters can Attract the Hashtag Generation into the Workplace

SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today, and Advantage xPO, one of HRO Today's top 13 global recruiting firms, have announced the release of the study: How Recruiters can Attract the 'Hashtag' Generation into the Workplace.

This exclusive report reveals what Millennials say is important to them in an employer, including their preferred methods of contact, which types of benefits are most desirable, and what types of workplace environments and cultures are appealing.

The Millennial generation, generally defined as those between 18 and 34, already accounts for approximately 50 million workers in the United States, or 25 percent of the workforce, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number will increase substantially in the next five to 10 years. Understanding and communicating with this group properly will be a competitive advantage.

"We found in this study that while there are differences between Millennials and other generations, what Millennials want can be considered preferences across candidates from all generations," said Larry Basinait, Vice President of Market Research, SharedXpertise. "What Millennials say they want most includes a good benefits package, a positive work environment and fair compensation, and what becomes different with Millennials is how those preferences are combined."

"What the study helps us identify is exactly which areas we can focus on to improve the recruitment and retention of Millennials," said Laurie Harms, Director of Business Development, Advantage xPO. "For instance, while collaboration, workplace flexibility and recognition appeal to workers of all generations, Millennials would like a greater emphasis on diversity and short-term goals."

The report also revealed that opportunities for international relocation should be highlighted to Millennial candidates when they exist.

The exclusive report is available for download by clicking here. For more information about SharedXpertise, visit, or contact Publisher Bill MacRae, at