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Matrix Launches Work in Progress Podcast with Apprentice star Tim Campbell as Inaugural Guest

Hosted by Roger Clements, Matrix's chief growth officer, the inaugural episode has been released in two parts, showcasing a passionate conversation with special guest Tim Campbell MBE, acclaimed for his notable role on the BBC’s The Apprentice TV series.

Matrix, a trailblazer in Workforce Management solutions, proudly unveil their latest venture: Work in Progress - The Matrix Podcast. Hosted by Roger Clements, Matrix's chief growth officer, the inaugural episode has been released in two parts, showcasing a passionate conversation with special guest Tim Campbell MBE, acclaimed for his notable role on the BBC’s The Apprentice TV series. Joining them is Cath Possamai, Amazon’s talent acquisition director, EMEA, as they collectively draw upon their extensive expertise and perspectives to delve into an engaging dialogue surrounding the divide between education and career.

Work in Progress aims to be a mirror reflection of Matrix's mission: To connect people to work. Bringing together expert guests that represent perspectives from across the talent, supplier, and employer landscape, this new podcast promises to be a game-changer in the realm of discussions surrounding the future of work. The desire is to bring listeners a dynamic exploration of the ever-evolving world of work, providing an array of rich, diverse, and thought-provoking topics that offer honest insights.

Campbell, is not only a familiar face on television but also a dedicated advocate for work experience and career opportunities for our nation's young people. As an ambassador for YourGamePlan, the go-to destination to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of essential skills not traditionally taught in the classroom, his influence extends beyond his television persona.

During the conversation reflecting on this crucial topic, Campbell remarked, "I believe there exists a significant disparity between education and employment, one that warrants our utmost attention in bridging. Ideally, there should be a mutually beneficial relationship between education and employment. However, I often see insufficient engagement from employers in educational initiatives. All the while, there's substantial criticism regarding the dearth of skills individuals possess upon entering the workforce."

Joining Campbell and Possamai on the panel was Matrix’s CEO, Mark Inskip he comments, Whether you're a seasoned professional navigating your career or just starting out, our podcast aims to be a guiding light on people’s employment journey. With a mission to connect people to work, Matrix’s mission is to bring real-time voices from the world at work that can share insights, inspire, and resonate. Future podcasts will delve into critical topics shaping professional lives today, empowering listeners and hopefully fostering a deeper connection to the world of work.”

The working world is in a state of constant adaptation and progress, staying informed has never been more crucial. Work in Progress will offer exclusive insights and perspectives from industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries. Each episode promises engaging discussions that inspire and inform, leaving listeners equipped with valuable knowledge to navigate their professional journeys.

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