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Management recruiters international announces rebranding of company

Management Recruiters International announced a change to the company brand and enhancements to its operational and client service procedures in an effort to capitalise on the evolving needs of its customers

Management Recruiters International, Inc. (MRI), the search and recruitment organisation, today announced a change to the company brand and enhancements to its operational and client service procedures in an effort to capitalise on the evolving needs of its customers. Announced at the companyís annual Global Conference, MRI has changed its corporate name to MRINetwork in an effort to place further emphasis on the companyís expansive network that covers more than 1,100 offices and over 39 countries worldwide.

In todayís globally competitive labour market, clients are increasingly turning to MRI not only for our deep industry knowledge, but for our ability to find the right person regardless of where he or she might be located, stated William Olsen, president of MRINetwork. ìBy changing our name to MRINetwork we are in essence highlighting our expansive network, which we see as one of the companyís key strengths.î

The changes MRINetwork is implementing from a branding and marketing perspective coincide with the introduction of several operational changes aimed at further leveraging the companyís network strength and emphasis on the middle management layer within corporations. One change is the launch of a new set of quality standards by which each MRINetwork Office will operate to ensure that all clients receive the same standard of high quality, methodology, and consistent service from all MRINetwork Offices. Every MRINetwork Recruiter will undergo extensive model-based training on the new structure of the recruiting process, the MRINetwork Wayô to create clear brand architecture. The MRINetwork Wayô consists of the following:

The MRINetwork Way Sequence ô which serves as a blueprint outlining the seventeen fundamental steps involved in most recruitment assignments.

The MRINetwork Way ñ Skillsetô includes eight critical skills and methodologies, which are mapped against each Sequence to ensure the optimal recruitment process and create a true competitive advantage.

The MRINetwork Way ñ Modelsô include the models and techniques that the MRINetwork uses to impart the skills and effective behaviours to the MRINetwork Recruiters. Each model has been developed and tested by a performance development third party.

MRINetwork Way ñTrainingô includes the modules within the training curriculum, which impart the effective and appropriate skills and behaviours necessary to become an MRINetwork Recruiter.

In addition to enhancing its standards of quality, MRINetwork also announced a new reward programme for MRINetwork Offices that have been recognised by their clients for outstanding client service and that have gone above and beyond their peers to meet certain service delivery guidelines. In order to qualify as a 5 Star Service Organisation, the MRINetwork Office must go through additional training courses, meet the minimum growth threshold, and must participate in an internal rating system. In addition, the offices will be reviewed by their customers through third party customer satisfaction surveys.

ìThis marks an exciting step for the MRINetwork and reflects our overall strategy to personalise recruiting and deliver incomparable service. The history of MRIís success paired with the collaborative efforts of the entire MRINetwork unify the brand and enable us to continue to expand into new areas of growth, added Olsen.

The company also announced a new corporate tagline, ìBuilding the Heart of Business,î which better reflects the companyís strength in filling positions in the critically important middle management layer.

ìHaving conducted extensive research into the hiring practices of leading companies, we know a few things to be true: the middle management layer is well defined, highly valued and the first place companies look when filling more senior positions. Middle managers are also critically important in areas of maintaining high company morale, customer satisfaction and team building,î added Olsen. ìMRINetworkís ability to enhance a clientís bench strength in the middle management layer is what we have done for years and is an area in which we take great pride. Our new company tagline further delivers this sense of pride to our customers.î