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Lakeside Software’s new Executive Insights to provide IT leaders with cost of technology disruptions and employee downtime

Lakeside Software’s platform provides IT leaders with cost of technology disruptions and employee downtime

Lakeside Software has launched a new feature within its Executive Insights dashboard that calculates the monetary impact of an organisation’s IT health. Building on the current dashboard, IT leaders now have a single view into how much downtime, latency, and technology issues affect the bottom line.

This latest product feature introduces intelligent calculations, sensing employee behaviors and only monitoring active employee time, ensuring that the productivity cost calculations are precise and actionable. Additionally, IT teams can now see cost impacts segmented by various groupings, such as remote workers, departments, or device types. This eliminates the need for CIOs and IT leaders to make business decisions based on assumptions and piecemeal data and enables more strategic planning.

This new tool is built within Lakeside’s digital employee experience (DEX) platform, which helps IT teams optimize available resources as they are pressured to control costs and do more with less.

Leveraging the most comprehensive dataset in the industry collected from 1,000+ sensors across multiple endpoints, Lakeside’s new feature provides business and IT leaders with the insight needed to justify initiatives and investments that will improve the digital employee experience. Whether remote workers need new hardware or the CIO needs estate-level analysis for a board meeting, data provided through Lakeside’s Executive Insights offers accurate, uninflated values. These intelligent calculations are customised for each organisation, defining the true cost of downtime instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

“Lakeside enables IT leadership to analyse how IT impacts individual users and compare the digital health of groups across the enterprise,” said Marc Moesse, SVP of Product at Lakeside Software. “Companies will have insight into the financial impact hardware, software, and network challenges have on their specific organization and teams. These intelligent calculations deliver a true ROI calculator that articulates the cost of employee downtime caused by tech and identifies the silent sufferers who are plagued by tech and network issues.”

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of the company’s proactive alerting innovation and recognition for earning its ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 Type II compliance.

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