Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Keeping candidates on-site to improve the job board experience and increase completed applications

Friction is one of the common complaints from online job seekers.

These candidates turn to the web as an efficient way to apply for new roles, only to be met with a fragmented application process, which often results in them entering the same information across multiple sites. Overall, the experience absorbs their valuable time and often forces them to abandon applications altogether.

One major source of friction is the user experience on job boards.

Job boards play a critical role in the recruitment ecosystem and are often the first port of call for job hunters. But many don’t provide a facility for candidates to apply for job roles directly on site, with the resultant redirects negatively affecting candidates’ experience and reducing the number of submitted applications to the employer. A recent study by Appcast found that the candidate drop-off rate for people who click 'Apply' but never complete an application is an incredible 92 percent. 

So, how can job boards tackle these issues?

UBIO’s Direct Apply for Job Boards

It is essential that job boards work to remedy these issues, so they can better serve candidates and provide more value to employers. One of the best ways to achieve this is by allowing candidates to complete applications on job board sites themselves, without the need for redirects.  

Research has highlighted that when job boards provide candidates with the ability to fully complete applications on their sites, this results in increased clicks, increased completion rates, reduced drop offs, improved brand equity, and an upturn in returning candidates and employers.

So, how can this be achieved? 

Enter UBIO.

UBIO’s solution enables job boards to bring the full end-to-end application experience onto their platform without the need for direct APIs with employers. It does this by automating the completion of the applications on the job site, while the candidates remain on the job board, completing their application at the point of job discovery. This reduces friction and helps attract quality candidates, who favour efficiency when applying for new roles. 

This new technology from UBIO is already being used by leading job boards, who have recognised the benefits of removing redirects and having more control over the candidate experience, which in turn helps them deliver more efficiency and value to candidates and employers alike.

Some of the key benefits of UBIO include:

  • Increased completed applications - applying directly on-site instead of redirection results in a significant increase in completed applications, with double the number of applicants possible. Job boards who have adopted UBIO found an almost immediate 25% increase in completed applications. 
  • Improved candidate experience - enabling candidates to apply at the point of discovery, rather than being redirected to a different website, immediately reduces friction. Furthermore, the UBIO integration enables job boards to own and finesse the application form to improve candidate experience and drive up application completions.
  • More control over candidate experience and job application interface - Job boards no longer have to be at the mercy of sub optimal application forms on partner sites. With the UBIO integration, job boards can design their own application flow to remove friction and improve candidate experience.
  • Full funnel insights and attribution - No more losing sight of candidates when they click off the job board. By adding UBIO, job boards have visibility over the full candidate journey and accurate attribution for candidates who complete job applications.
  • More value within the recruitment ecosystem - Enabling applications within the job board is a win for the candidate (better experience), a win for the job board (more retained candidates, more revenue, better satisfying the needs of employers) and a win for the employer (more applications). Job boards who offer this are able to play a much more valuable role within the recruitment ecosystem.

‍For any job board looking to improve candidate experience, increase applications and drive more revenue, information on UBIO can be found here: