Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Jobsite Welcomes `Cowboy' Clampdown - 03/2000

Wake Up Call To The Dot Com Sector

Founder member of the Association of Online Recruiters (AOLR), Jobsite, has become the first leading Internet recruitment company to welcome suggestions that the government intends to clamp down on `Cowboy' Internet recruitment agencies. However, Jobsite is calling on the government to work closely with AOLR to develop a system that will maximise self-regulation and minimise the negative impact legislation could have on the UK's competitiveness in this burgeoning multi-billion pound online sector.

Jobsite believes the time is right to curb the excesses of disreputable companies with a `gold-rush' attitude to the boom in internet recruitment. Such companies, Jobsite argues, harm both the online recruitment sector and the Internet industry in general. It has long been trying to lobby through the AOLR for a strict code of conduct to increase confidence in online recruitment amongst both job hunters and recruiters.

Jobsite also believes that talk of the government's legislative clampdown should serve as a wake up call for `dot com' companies in sectors other than Internet recruitment to work together towards self-regulation, and forestall the need for excessive government intervention.

Jobsite Marketing Director, Chris Newson, comments: Jobsite has worked with other reputable Internet recruitment companies under the AOLR to develop effective standards of self-regulation. Some of the major players in our industry, however, have been slow to participate with the result that the government has now stepped in. This should serve as a warning shot across the bows of all the major Internet sectors. If we don't act together to maintain standards, we will all be subject to increasing legislative control. This will have serious consequences for an industry dependent on a rapid pace of change for its success.