Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Jobsite Advertising - 03/2000

Campaign Begins

Jobsite, one of Europe's leading recruitment Internet sites launched a major advertising campaign on March 6th. Unlike other companies in the on-line recruitment industry, Jobsite has deliberately shunned TV advertising. Instead, Jobsite are targeting high quality candidates directly by carefully selecting specialist industry media magazines together with poster sites and ad-vans in key locations to promote the recruitment site.

From the financial offices in the City of London to the big IT companies in Richmond, Jobsite has targeted potential job seekers in key target industry sectors including IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

The campaign, which has been designed by Springer & Jacoby International and planned by CIA Medianetworks, will feature an electric creative with Prince Charles, Avocado Sandwiches and Traffic Wardens all featuring in the campaign.